Read the personal updates for our staff and speakers!

Adrian Despres
Forge Speaker

Caleb Bislow
Forge Speaker

Charlie Marquis
Discipleship Training / Forge Speaker

Dwight Robertson
President/CEO & Founder

John Vermilya
Forge Speaker

Kersha Kahrs
Speaker Coordinator | Administrative Assistant

Laura Bulgrien
Discipleship Training / Forge Speaker

Lisa Zimmerman
Content Team & Prayer Team Coordinator

Lorene Klopfenstein
Hospitality | Ministry Relations

Loren Hayes
Speaker Ministries

Nate Hoot
Discipleship Training | International Ministries

Paul Epperson
Forge Firebrand

Rob Cupp
Chief Content Officer

Ron Klopfenstein
Vice President of Ministry Expansion

Taylor Derrick
Director of Finance

Todd Bright
Chief Operating & Financial Officer

Garrett Kahrs
Forge Firebrand

Jason Roe
Forge Speaker

John Boyd
Writer | Content Team