Rob Cupp

Connecting people to Christ and His Kingdom

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Growing up in a small town in Northeast Indiana, Rob often dreamed about just how far his grit and determination could take him. Before he knew Jesus personally, Rob’s goal was simple: make money, lead others, and gain as much territory as possible as an entrepreneur. After starting down the path of his business dreams, Rob began to see that his dream, and his life, were incomplete. In fact, his life was miserable. That is, until he encountered the real Jesus and His Kingdom. That’s when everything in Rob’s life changed.

Jesus showed Rob that his dreaming and scheming was way too small. God had much greater territories to gain and far superior riches to distribute. God was in the business of human hearts. He wanted to lavish His rich love on every man, woman, and child of every nation, race, tribe, and tongue. And what’s more, He wanted Rob to invest his life in that quest vocationally.

No wonder Rob had such natural gifts as public speaking, teaching, mentoring, and leading. God knew long ago how He would employ Rob to preach, disciple, and challenge people around the world to an everyday Kingdom lifestyle that pleases God and brings joy and fulfilment to living.

Among Rob’s greatest passions is connecting real-life people—with all their real-life questions, complexities, needs, and desires—to the real-life God. By helping people see a more authentic view of God in the Bible, Rob helps listeners grasp that every believer has a unique role in God’s Kingdom that’s perfectly suited for them—whoever they are, whatever they do, wherever they live.

Rob and his wife Bridget moved to Colorado in 1999 to join the Forge team. Rob has served on staff ever since. In addition to speaking, Rob currently serves on Forge’s Leadership Team as the Chief Content Officer and leads the Forge Firebrand program; an apprenticeship program designed to train and equip men and women called to itinerant-speaking ministry.

Rob and Bridget have three, Colorado born and raised children—Sophia, Chase, and Foster. Along with enjoying his family in everyday life, Rob enjoys his motorcycle, snow skiing, hiking, traveling, Indiana Hoosiers Basketball and The Denver Broncos.

If you knew the One True God of the Bible, you would love and serve Him forever!

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Interested in booking Rob for your event? Check Availability