Ming Zhou

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How far will God go in reaching those He loves? Just ask Ming. Mount Rainier near Tacoma, Washington is about 6,500 miles away and over 10,000 feet higher than any point in Ming’s birthplace, Hong Kong, China. But that’s where Ming found himself—in 20-below blizzard conditions, trapped in his car for 2 days in the snowy Cascade Mountains. With no signal or connection to anyone on earth, Ming called out to heaven, “God, if you exist, forgive my sins, make me whole, and I will train young men to know and follow you!” God heard Ming’s prayer, restored Ming’s life, and started Ming down a new path in serving God’s Kingdom.

Ming grew up in a Buddhist home and was steered to value what his family, culture, and religion taught him: money is important, education is important, as is self-reliance and status. Ming succeeded in all those areas. He pursued a medical degree, won awards, and traveled the world. None of these things fulfilled him. Ming felt empty inside.

That’s when God graciously connected Ming to an Evangelical Chinese church in Tacoma and used the winsome love and challenge of a Chinese-American doctor to help bring Ming to a place of full surrender and loving relationship with Jesus.

Ming now disciples young men through a Romans 12 ministry God led him to begin. He travels around the U.S. and speaks to churches, engages with youth groups, and challenges audiences everywhere to obey Jesus’ Matthew 28 command: “Go and make disciples of all nations!”


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