Matt Clayton

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For people who feel life often resembles a pile of unassembled Lego bricks, Matt understands. What’s more, Matt cares deeply that those feeling broken, separated, and scattered find a more complete version of the person God has always desired and intended them to be.

With nineteen years’ of experience working with at-risk youth, pastoring, and operating a youth center, Matt brings considerable Kingdom experience to every speaking event and ministry opportunity. His love for God, care for people, and thoughtful handling of Scripture creates opportunity for people to discover and experience God’s transforming power.

Matt was born in Michigan but spent most of his formative years in Alabama. As an adult, Matt has lived in several regions of the of the United States, including Alaska, where he and his family currently reside. At every stop along the journey, Matt has gained a greater perspective of God, His Kingdom, and His creation. It’s not geography, however, that sets Matt apart. It’s his passion to share really good news about God and His Kingdom in ways that everyday, ordinary people see their value to the King and discover the delight of laboring in His Kingdom.

Matt and his wife, Gretchen, have two well-loved sons: Isaac and Silas. The Clayton’s enjoy doing just about anything together—whether galivanting in the great outdoors, or yes, building and discovering new creations with Lego bricks.

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Interested in booking Matt for your event? Check Availability