Chris Prather

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Needing to eat and enjoying food are two different dinner conversations. Equally, so is knowing about Jesus and doing life with Him. Those truths in mind, Chris Prather loves food and is over-the-top passionate about doing life with Jesus. He’s committed his life to challenging and equipping others to live up-close, everyday Kingdom-impacting lives with Jesus.

Chris and his wife, Shelby, live in Tupelo, Mississippi along with their two beautiful sons and faithful dog. Chris is a graduate of Mississippi College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and has over ten years of hands-on, pastoral experience to compliment his itinerant ministry.

Chris’s willingness to be used by God to preach, teach, and disciple anywhere needed has taken him to West India, to Nicaragua, as well as various groups and places across the US. He delights in discovering creative ways to inspire and engage youth and adults to get active in what God is up to in His Kingdom.

Yes, Chris enjoys life, family, and food. He’ll gladly discuss it with you over a bowl of gourmet ramen. Even more so, Chris is passionate about God and His Kingdom. And that’s something he’ll give himself to and share with others all day long.

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Interested in booking Chris for your event? Check Availability