Resources & Getting Involved with Jason Roe

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I’m so glad you chose to come here for more resources that will help you grow. Taking new growth steps in faith is an essential part of the journey of a follower of Christ. Whether you’ve made a first-time commitment or a deeper commitment to Christ, it is important to find practices and disciplines that are going to keep you strong and growing in your faith. Here are five practices to begin to develop as you continue your faith journey.

  1. Pray – Walk in a spirit of prayer
  2. Study – Get into God’s word and read books that speak to your current place in the journey
  3. Worship – Find a local church to gather with others in worship
  4. Serve – Find ways to serve others and share the Love of Christ with them
  5. Give – Give of your resources. This not only means tithing but also time.

Get Involved

Would You Like to Join Jason In Ministry? There Are Several Ways YOU Can Get Involved:

  • You can join Jason’s prayer force. There are people all over the world that shower Jason’s ministry with prayer.

  • You can join Jason on the mission field on one of his short term mission trips to Zimbabwe or Honduras.

  • You can join Jason by giving a financial gift to help him to continue preaching and ministering to others. This also enables Jason and his family to continue their journey in this faith ministry.