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What are Smoky Mountain and Keystone State Outreach?

These Outreach events host a one-week mission camp opportunity for junior and senior high youth groups. Youth from all over gather to be on mission and in a life-changing camp setting with dynamic worship and preaching. We then serve the rural and urban areas near by.


Why Smoky Mountain or Keystone State Outreach?


We aim to be life-changing at multiple levels. We want every person we come in contact with on the mission field to encounter the transforming love and grace of Jesus Christ. We want every youth to be impacted through serving others and hearing the Gospel preached. We want every youth group to have a life-changing experience that brings renewal to their churches, schools, and communities back home.

  1. IT’S EASY!

We take care of everything! We have skilled contractors and ministry leaders that will have ministry sites prepped and ready for your group to arrive. We have cooks to prepare meals. We have a trained camp staff that will provide a fun and interactive camp atmosphere. We have powerful worship and preaching.


Serving others is at the very core of who we are as followers of Christ. From Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to the washing of feet at the Last Supper, He gave us the model of serving others. Smoky Mountain Outreach is simply an opportunity to fulfill our calling.


The combination of Camp and Mission enables you to cover a lot of ground. In just one week you can experience everything from fixing homes and caring for the poor, to life-changing worship and teaching.

A Typical Day


Morning Devo

Work Sites




Late Night


Foundational Values

Loving God and loving people

Our two most important values come from the greatest commandments Jesus gave us: Love God, Love Others. The first reaches deep into our souls, while the second opens wide to the world around us.

Based on the first commandment, we believe the greatest gift we can give the world is our intimacy with God, which forms the foundation for loving relationships with others.

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