Your Calling

Becoming a Kingdom Laborer

Putting your faith into action in meaningful ways.

Because the word laborer is not the everyday, household word used to describe most Christians, you might be wondering what exactly it means. As we’ve examined the whole of Scripture, we think a clear and simple definition emerges: A laborer is a disciple in action—one who not only learns from Jesus but who lives out what Jesus teaches.

God uses ordinary people like you—those willing to be laborers in action—to bring about extraordinary Kingdom change in the world. The biblical reality is that you can serve wherever God gives you influence: home, neighborhood, community, school, workplace and the everyday places you go.

Ministry is not just for the speakers, teachers, preachers, authors, missionaries, or musicians of the world. It is not just for those who are “up-front” on a stage. And it’s not just for those who have culturally-valued leadership gifts. God has called every one of us to be laborers for His Kingdom by putting our Christian faith into action in practical and meaningful ways.

Characteristics of Kingdom Laborers

Although every person is uniquely created and designed by God, we believe there are common characteristics that are shared by every active Kingdom Laborer. As you continue to live out Forge Values more and more in your life, we believe that your life will be characterized by certain things. You will act in these ways without even thinking. So, these characteristics are the goal for your life. We believe a Kingdom Laborer is someone who is characterized by:


Kingdom Laborers follow in the footsteps of Jesus. They daily submit themselves to God, believing and trusting that His Way is the best way. They also love others and think of others more than they think of themselves. Ultimately, humble Kingdom Laborers represent a strong, loving God to a watching world as Christ did in his life, death, and resurrection.


Kingdom Laborers are so consumed by God and His Kingdom that they can’t help but daily express their zeal for and devotion to Him. They focus on Jesus, the author and perfector of their faith, and will endure anything for Him and His causes. Passionate Kingdom Laborers are contagious. As they live passionately for Christ, others are deeply impacted.


Kingdom Laborers live their lives on purpose for God. They see God’s vision for the world and understand their daily, practical place in His vision. Even in the smallest and most mundane activities, they are motivated because they see that they are God’s plan for reaching a world that is in desperate need of Jesus. Vision-filled Kingdom Laborers walk in sync with God’s purposes and His loving ways, so the world will see Jesus in all they do.


Kingdom Laborers are continually and confidently taking action to obey God more. They trust God and His Word and will act accordingly, even if it doesn’t seem logical to others. They are always pleasing God because their lives and actions prove that He is alive and real (Hebrews 11:6). They are growing and stretching because they continue to move out of their comfort zones and into more and more obedience to God. Faith-filled Kingdom Laborers will change the world because they are available to be used by God.