Forge News | Winter 2017

Message from Forge President

Forge’s 4th ministry decade has begun! “Build to last” was God’s command 30 years ago. From humble 1986 Midwest beginnings in a back alley garage to Forge: Kingdom Building Ministries’ current international outreach and training Basecamp in Denver—Forge continues to deploy speakers and equipped laborers to the ends of the earth. God’s idea, His plan for more reproducing Kingdom Laborers everywhere, remains our long-term mission. In our early days God conveyed, “I will call others and together you will do it.” Decades later, together with YOU, our friends, donors and prayer partners, God’s “build to last” focus has only grown stronger! You matter so much as one of God’s 24/7 Kingdom Laborers and as a participating movement-builder! It takes a team to live out the multiplying mission on God’s heart. At the outset of our 4th decade, we have a deeper commitment and resolve to forge, build, pray and do what will last forever!


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Praise Report

Here are a few of the many highlights of what God made possible through your prayers and financial partnership in 2016. God’s Kingdom continues to advance in lives and locales around the world—glory to God!

Forge Speaker Events and Evangelism Outreach


  • 156 Forge Speaker events in the U.S. and in several international locations, where more than 86,000 attended and over 47,000 spiritual decisions were made.
  • Forge Firebrand events represented 33 of the total number of events—a remarkable feat in just the first year of the Firebrand program developed to equip new itinerant speakers to live out their unique calling.
  • 2016 saw a 33% increase in the total number of itinerant events!
  • Forge took several scouting trips to unreached people groups and places abroad, looking for future gospel-sharing opportunities.
  • In 2016 God faithfully challenged people to become hearts on fire, lives on purpose Jesus followers through the preaching of His Word. Hear Forge Speakers tell these stories in detail at



Training and Equipping


  • A passionate group of young adults participated in The Experience where God transformed lives and birthed vision for their future.
  • High School students participating in 16 Days (now Surge) were challenged to be Kingdom Laborers in their schools, on their sports teams and in their communities.
  • Nearly 300 people of all ages from the U.S., Mexico and Haiti came to Deep Camp to be challenged, equipped and encouraged as Kingdom Laborers.
  • A new Wednesday morning weekly devotional email was launched featuring Forge Speakers and Staff.
  • More than 100 adults were trained and commissioned for their own lifestyle of everyday ministry at Plan A Conferences throughout the year.
  • Multiple Group Life Planning events were held where individuals gained a deeper understanding of how they can engage life as a Kingdom Laborer with new intentionality and fulfillment.



Is Deep Camp for You This Summer? … Take the Quiz


We can’t wait for Deep Camp to get here! Why not take this quiz and discover if Deep Camp should be on your summer calendar?

  1. I have a spiritual hunger to pursue God further and deeper than I ever have. Yes / No
  2. I’m longing to be encouraged and strengthened by other believers of all ages. Yes / No
  3. I could use a place to breathe and regroup for myself or family. Yes / No
  4. I’m looking for some “fresh wind” and new tools to better labor in God’s Kingdom. Yes / No
  5. I could use a week in the Rocky Mountains where God alone sets the agenda I need. Yes / No

If you answered “Yes” to even one of these, Deep Camp may be for you this summer. Ask God what He may be up to as you discover more at:


Firebrand International

What happens when we listen to God and willingly go to unreached people in hard-to-reach places? Ask Charlie, Nathan and Laura, who spent the majority of this January in Tanzania with the Hadzabe tribe. Their goal? Introduce more Hadza people to Jesus and provide resources in the Hadza language to help them grow in love and faith with God.Hadza team 2017

Here are a few highlights from their trip:

  • Bible Translation. The team helped translate the books of James and Acts into the Hadza language (adding to their previously translated Mark, Colossians and a collections of Psalms and stories) with the help of Mariamu, one of the few English-speaking Hadzas. Charlie met her on his first trip to Africa, and Mariamu has continued to help spark a movement of God among her people ever since. Being lovers of music, the Hadza also translated a lot of the scripture they were given into songs. To listen to them singing one of these CLICK HERE!
  • Audio Bibles. Bible portions translated into the Hadza language were loaded onto solar-powered “audio Bible devices” that also serve as flashlights. As the team traveled into the remote Hadza bushlands, they distributed these “Bibles you can hear” as they went.
  • God’s Provision. God paved the way to the Hadza people, providing provision in two situations where heavy “taxes” were imposed on the team to get their materials through. Stalwart stances found instant 180 degree turns as God moved the hearts of government officials and let the team pass without cost.
  • Healing. A beautiful story emerged about a woman Charlie prayed with for healing on his last visit with the Hadza. Once lame, the woman now walks and often listens to the audio Bible she was given a year ago.
  • Transformed Lives. Numerous Hadza people have heard the good news about Jesus and committed their lives to Him. One particular day, in a small village called “Omboy,” six people said “yes” to following Jesus!

The Hadzabe people number less than 1,500. Many easily overlook this remote, Tanzanian tribe. But God sees them—as do Charlie, Nathan, Laura, and now, Mariamu and other Hadza Christ-followers. God continues to do great things in small places.


How Can I Join the Movement?  Partner, Participate and Pray!

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