Forge Newsletter | Summer 2018

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Remember and Never Forget

God never forgets. Scripture confirms over and again how He remembers His promises, covenants, and creation. It’s we, His people, that seem to have the memory problem. And we know it’s true. Otherwise, God wouldn’t have to remind us repeatedly to recall, recount, and remember. In the book of Deuteronomy, God goes so far as to give practical ways of not forgetting: have them constantly on your heart, impress them on your children, talk about them night and day, write them down, put up reminder notes, post them on your front door (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). God doesn’t want us to forget! 

Remembering is not for His benefit, however, but for ours. We’re the ones who clamor and complain with “God, where are you? Are you going to solve this thing, this mess, this unknowing?” It’s in such moments, God often says, “Remember. Remember how I’ve always shown up, been faithful, come through.” 

And, as we recall and remember what God has done, our present is settled from past recollections of God’s never-failing kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and provision. 

People of all ages this summer have moments when God showed-up, moved-in, and took over in ways they will want to recall and remember for years to come: 

Sydney, a participant in The Experience, will want to remember how God provided— not only last-minute funds for her to come this summer—but a last second, beyond the deadline, miraculous delivery of her passport the very day her team was leaving for Mexico. It was a “look what God did” moment of provision she’ll never want to forget. 

Or the eight children and young adults who were baptized at Deep Camp, how they stood in awe as an eagle, right on cue, soared graciously and elegantly high above the Snow Mountain Ranch lake just moments after they were baptized. Those who witnessed God’s metaphorical gift that afternoon will recall in future times and circumstances how Jesus gives freedom and wants us to soar as eagles. 

Or Desmond (“Dez”) one of the high-school age Surge students, who God met powerfully in giving the grace and courage he needed to genuinely forgive many who have hurt him throughout his life—including those who murdered his brother. 

Or the family that willingly traded the opportunity for a Disney vacation to attend Deep Camp, because their kids, so profoundly impacted the year before, all but demanded a week of Deep Camp over a theme park destination. 

Or Jess and Tahj, who heard God give instruction to bring hope and life back to their cities. 

Or Brittan and Noah, who laid down performance and proving themselves for a life of daily experiencing God’s grace and love without having to earn any of it! 

Or Anika, who came into the summer wanting answers and left with the peace that walking with God day by day was enough. 

These are just a few of the many teachings, truths, and transformations that the Forge summer training participants will want to recount and remember as they continue to put God on display in the years to come. What recollections of God’s character and faithfulness might you need to remember and never forget? 

In Their Own Words…

“I know this summer wasn’t a moment, it is a movement and a launching pad.”
– Jess

“A life of performance is over and a life of no strings attached love is here.” – Britton

“When I first came to The Experience, I didn’t know where I belonged or who I was –now I know I can just BE, and that I am a child of God!” – Christi

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Not Just a Drop in the Bucket

When it comes to giving, we can all suffer from time to time in giving with the wrong mentality. Often, a tendency exists to view gifts in light of what they can only do in the immediate rather than the longer-term, multiplying impact they can make. The mentality that needs changing is essentially the difference between a bucket and a conduit. 

A bucket holds things. What is put into it is contained inside and stays there. The entire usefulness of the bucket is determined by its size. A conduit on the other hand, is a pipeline where resources pass through to places where they are needed. In other words, a bucket is a reservoir and a conduit is a catalyst. 

The group of students that participated in Forge training this summer came because of the generosity of others who believed in them. Yet, these students are not buckets. The purpose of their training was not the accumulation of knowledge (a bucket mentality), but rather the transformation of their lives in a way that would impact others around the globe (a conduit mentality). The resources given on their behalf will pass through them and be multiplied many times over by the creativity of God. 

The perfect example is Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000. The boy who gave his bread and fish probably had a bucket mentality. It’s likely he thought, “People are hungry, food is needed so I’ll do what I can to help.” Yet perhaps unknowingly, he had put his offering in the hands of the Ultimate Conduit, Jesus, and his gift had an exponential impact he couldn’t have possibly imagined. 

That is the mentality God wants us to have when we give to our church, purchase meals for the homeless, support a Compassion child, or donate to a Forge student. So, the next time you consider a Kingdom advancing gift, picture the recipient, not as a bucket, but a conduit with their name on it. A conduit that, with the direction of God, will reach further and impact more than you can even dream. 

To all of you who helped fuel this Kingdom work via your prayers and gifts of support to Forge, we say a huge thank you. With expectant hearts, we look forward to the multiplying fruit God has in store! Consider a contribution or monthly gift to Forge, and help keep the conduit full of Kingdom resources and creativity to pass. 

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More Exciting Updates

  • Registration is open for 2019 summer equipping— Deep Camp, Surge, and The Experience. Register today at 
  •  A new class of Forge Firebrands begins this Fall—the team is growing and God’s message is multiplying.
  • Forge Speakers continue to preach God’s message in neighborhoods and venues all over the world. We praise God that laborers for His harvest field are INCREASING!
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Colorado’s Calling! 2019 Equipping Opportunities

Our desire at Forge is to create opportunities for people of all ages to be shaped by God.  Like strong metal being forged by fire into something valuable and useful, we believe God uniquely shapes everyday people into fully-alive, Kingdom-building laborers.

Are you or someone you know ready to be shaped by God for Kingdom impact?

“…the Word of God ran rampant all the time, love and encouragement were the main sources of communication falling from the hearts of my fellow brothers and sisters all day, every day.  God completely transformed the way I viewed Him, the way I surrendered to Him, the way I prayed, and the way I viewed others.” –Dante, Surge Alumnus

Surge:  A sudden, powerful forward movement with God

For High School Students

June 17—July 5, 2019

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“Forge gave me a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Experience tore down walls of fake identities, fear, and pride; and put me on a path of repentance, forgiveness, grace, and purpose. Today, wherever I walk, I desire more of God and His perfect love in my life and on this earth.” –Adaline, The Experience Alumnus

The Experience: A transformational journey of training, ministry, life planning and coaching

For Young Adults

May 16—July 13, 2019

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“As a Dad, it was a huge privilege to have my wife and our two children with me on this trip… our son shared with me that it was the first time in his young life that he had personally experienced the presence and the power of God.  As a parent, there is no greater joy than to hear our kids are connecting with God and learning how to commune with Him.” — Pastor Dean
(attended with his family and church)

Deep Camp: An unforgettable week in the mountains with your friends or family

For Families, Church Groups, Adults & Youth

June 23—28, 2019

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