Forge Newsletter | Spring 2018

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Creating Space with God

The beauty of 2017 is that it was another step of loving obedience in the mission of Forge, now thirty-one years strong. Thirty-one years. Thirty-one plus steps in the same direction, each step seeking to love God and others along the way. God continues to make each stride possible as faithful givers and prayer warriors climb with us. We share a collective belief that together God has called us to create the spaces that He alone can fill with His presence and transforming power.

We pray and resolve that God continues His step-by-step direction in 2018.
Thank you for joining us in the long obedience.

Forge and Your Neighborhood?

At Forge, we love the flexibility we have in customizing our training and speaking to myriads of settings.  Our desire is to partner with you in ways that serve your needs and help you accomplish your mission. What does that look like?  Well, here are some of the ways we’ve partnered with others that just might help kickstart thinking about your needs:

Youth Group Meetings · Adult Bible Study Materials · Spiritual Emphasis Speakers · Custom Designed Trips for Youth, Adults, Leadership Teams and Small Groups · Resources for Small Groups · Speakers for Camps · Chapel Speakers · Group Life Planning Conferences · Plan A Conferences · Forge Core Adult Training · Evangelistic Events · Discipleship Training for All Ages · Speakers for Sports Teams · FCA Events · Family Camps · One on One Life Planning · Overseas Mission Trips · Training and Equipping for Lay Leaders · Spiritual Renewal Conferences for Ministry Leaders and Volunteers · and so much more.


Would you like to brainstorm about what it could look like to partner with Forge?

 Contact Ron Klopfenstein at to start the conversation.

A Life Forged by Fire 

New Book Release by Dwight Robertson

Blanketed by snow and hampered by cold and dreary days this winter? Many have been. Such seasons and conditions lend themselves to seeking warmth and light and hunkering down, don’t they? Whatever the forecast, consider these words of comfort and challenge from Forged by Fire, a newly released book by Dwight Robertson:

“Fire!” Will you rush to it or run from it? Your answer might depend on whether you’re sitting in a crowded movie theater or standing frozen-fingered and hungry near a glowing campsite. Fire seems to require a “friend or foe” screening, doesn’t it? Let’s be honest, the flames that warm can equally harm.

Maybe you have the same dilemma getting close to God, the one described in scripture as “the all-consuming fire”? Is He friend or foe? Would you run to Him or from Him? You may wonder like many, “Can I really trust God with my heart?” After all, no one wants to get burned by love.

But what if God really is trustworthy? What if, up-close to the fire of His love, He warms your heart and shapes your life for the wonder and purpose always meant for you? What if your intimacy with Him actually becomes your greatest gift to the world?

Isn’t that a Fire worth running to and a Forge worth entering? Best of all—get this:

God warmly invites you, “Come!”

As you read this, do you find your heart wanting more? Is there something within you longing for more of God’s warmth and light in your life? Is so, maybe Forged by Fire is a right next step in getting closer to the God who wants to be intimately close to you.


You can get your copy of Forged by Fire at the Forge online bookstore (

Ever Heard of a Firebrand?

Seminaries train pastors and teachers. Who trains evangelists, prophets and apostles, the other three Christ-appointed ministry equippers Paul lists in Ephesians 4:11? Answer: Forge does. A few years ago, Forge recognized a great Kingdom need for effectively trained itinerant preachers who carry the heart of evangelists, prophets, and apostles. That’s why in the Fall of 2015 Forge launched the Firebrand training program to validate and grow men and women called by God to further His Kingdom through itinerant preaching. The first class of Firebrands consisted of three student-apprentices—trained, equipped and mentored by field-experienced Forge Speakers and Staff.

A second wave of students have begun their 3-year cycle of equipping as well. In total, 8 itinerants in training have begun the journey of classroom learning, mentoring, and practical experiences of speaking to help train their skills and deepen their heart for loving and serving God.

Forge’s faith-filled 10-year plan includes equipping 50 itinerant preachers by the year 2026. With God’s help, we’re well on our way!


If you feel your heart uniquely warmed as you read this article or are just curious to learn more about the Firebrand program, please visit our website at:

While there, you can learn how the program works, meet current Firebrands, and find answers to many frequently asked questions.

Colorado’s Calling! 2018 Equipping Opportunities

Our desire at Forge is to create opportunities for people of all ages to be shaped by God.  Like strong metal being forged by fire into something valuable and useful, we believe God uniquely shapes everyday people into fully-alive, Kingdom-building laborers.

Are you or someone you know ready to be shaped by God for Kingdom impact?

“…the Word of God ran rampant all the time, love and encouragement were the main sources of communication falling from the hearts of my fellow brothers and sisters all day, every day.  God completely transformed the way I viewed Him, the way I surrendered to Him, the way I prayed, and the way I viewed others.” –Dante, Surge Alumnus

Surge:  A sudden, powerful forward movement with God

For High School Students

June 18–July 6, 2018 | June 17—July 5, 2019

Apply today at

“Forge gave me a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Experience tore down walls of fake identities, fear, and pride; and put me on a path of repentance, forgiveness, grace, and purpose. Today, wherever I walk, I desire more of God and His perfect love in my life and on this earth.” –Adaline, The Experience Alumnus

The Experience: A transformational journey of training, ministry, life planning and coaching

For Young Adults

May 16—July 13, 2019

Apply today at

“As a Dad, it was a huge privilege to have my wife and our two children with me on this trip… our son shared with me that it was the first time in his young life that he had personally experienced the presence and the power of God.  As a parent, there is no greater joy than to hear our kids are connecting with God and learning how to commune with Him.” — Pastor Dean (attended with his family and church)

Deep Camp: An unforgettable week in the mountains with your friends or family

For Families, Church Groups, Adults & Youth

June 24—29, 2018 | June 23—28, 2019

Register today at


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