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They’re Everywhere… No More “Tuck Head!”

Recently, a friend from New York introduced me to a new term: tuck head. Funny term, I know. He used it to describe the gimmick some people use when wanting to avoid human interaction on the street or some other common walkway. At just the right moment—with a tuck of the head and shifting of the eyes—unwanted encounters are avoided through pretending not see the other person approaching: tuck head.

Jesus understood tuck head. He wasn’t a fan. In fact, in a story He once told about a good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37), Jesus emphasized that only one of the three people who saw a man distressed and lying in a ditch stopped to help. The other two lowered their head, shifted their gaze, and kept on walking: tuck head.

Jesus viewed people here, there, and everywhere he moved. He saw people—not as strangers or distractions—but as God’s valuable, meant-to-be-engaged creation. All along the way, Jesus would see, stop, and spend time with spiritually hungry and hurting people. Opportunities everywhere!

One day, after seeing lost and aimless people nearly every direction he looked, Jesus’ heart broke with compassion (Matt 9:35-38). He instantly instructed His followers to pray for fully-engaged, action-oriented, boots-on-the-ground “laborers” to be “thrust into His harvest” (AMPC). He knew future, 24/7 Kingdom laborers would be needed—everywhere!  He wasn’t after students who’d sit, read, and study His ideas. He desired laborers who would daily follow His example of love-in-action. Jesus was calling laborers to join His See, Stop, Spend-time-with movement.

Today, opportunities exist in every facet and sphere of our lives to actively love people in the same Good Samaritan manner Jesus did. In fact, many everyday followers of Jesus are doing just that—discovering the joy of living a 24/7 Kingdom laborer lifestyle by simply seeing a need, stopping, and spending time with people.

For Lisa, a nurse, it’s with patients in her hospital ward. For Scott, it’s God’s love daily demonstrated to his company employees and their families. Jim hires recovering addicts and points them to Jesus as he works alongside them. Dara is God’s love displayed up-close to three children she nannies. As a furniture mover, Ron is Jesus’ vibrant witness to the customers he serves. Jordan and Ember are loving house-parents to orphans in Uganda. Dreyson’s life and teeth shine so bright
in his military unit, they call him “Shiny Teeth.” Agnes loves, serves, and prays by name for her condominium neighbors. John is God’s laborer among his fellow ice hockey teammates. Heather started and leads a weekly food pantry—loving, praying and providing for needy families in her community.

These ordinary people don’t tuck head. They bring God’s love and truth up-close. It’s exactly what Jesus envisioned long ago when he asked us to pray for more Kingdom laborers.

The harvest is ripe. Multiplying Kingdom laborers are increasing.  Are you in? Join the See, Stop, Spend-time-with movement and extend Jesus’ love, grace, and truth—everywhere!

CO-missioned together – with Jesus and YOU!

Dwight Robertson
FORGE: Kingdom Building Ministries

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The Telephone Game

Remember that kids’ game where one person whispers something to another person who whispers to another person and so on all the way down the line or around the circle? The message begun is rarely the message delivered to the last person who receives it.  The frequently comical exercise, used to teach children and adults alike, warns participants to be careful how they hear and transfer information. Warning heeded, lesson learned.

But what if the message is consistent and true? What if the information passed is transformative and life-giving? Who wouldn’t want to hear or share that news?

For over thirty years now, those who have participated in and caught wind of Forge equipping events have been playing the person-to-person whisper game. Only, in the Forge version of the game, what’s communicated from beginning to end is a consistently true and fascinatingly wonderful message: God uses Forge equipping to help everyday Kingdom Laborers authentically and fruitfully live and serve.

Forge has discovered over the years that the best strategy we could employ in populating our training events is to have people share about the impact they or someone they know have experienced. And it’s worked! We aren’t all that surprised, however, because the

strategy isn’t ours but God’s. Just as “news spread quickly throughout the region” (Mark 1:28) about the life-changing things Jesus was doing, so people share quite readily the many ways Jesus has impacted people of all ages, stations, and cultures through Forge equipping and speaking events.

Has Jesus changed your life or someone you know through Deep Camp, The Experience, Surge, or Forge Core? Why not pick up a real telephone and share a message, true and clear, with someone God brings to mind? Tell them, “God may want to impact your life through Forge Equipping and Forge Speaking too!” Learn more about Forge Equipping and Forge Speaking at and


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More Exciting Updates

  • Forge Speakers continue to preach God’s message in neighborhoods and venues all over the world. We praise God that laborers for His harvest field are INCREASING!
  • Need a good stocking-stuffer? Check out resources designed to help you go deeper and impact wider.  Forge by FirePlan A, Awakening, and many other materials to listen to and read at:

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Colorado’s Calling! 2019 Equipping Opportunities

Our desire at Forge is to create opportunities for people of all ages to be shaped by God.  Like strong metal being forged by fire into something valuable and useful, we believe God uniquely shapes everyday people into fully-alive, Kingdom-building laborers.

Are you or someone you know ready to be shaped by God for Kingdom impact?

“…the Word of God ran rampant all the time, love and encouragement were the main sources of communication falling from the hearts of my fellow brothers and sisters all day, every day.  God completely transformed the way I viewed Him, the way I surrendered to Him, the way I prayed, and the way I viewed others.” –Dante, Surge Alumnus

Surge:  A sudden, powerful forward movement with God

For High School Students

June 17—July 5, 2019

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“Forge gave me a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Experience tore down walls of fake identities, fear, and pride; and put me on a path of repentance, forgiveness, grace, and purpose. Today, wherever I walk, I desire more of God and His perfect love in my life and on this earth.” –Adaline, The Experience Alumnus

The Experience: A transformational journey of training, ministry, life planning and coaching

For Young Adults

May 16—July 13, 2019

Apply today at

“As a Dad, it was a huge privilege to have my wife and our two children with me on this trip… our son shared with me that it was the first time in his young life that he had personally experienced the presence and the power of God.  As a parent, there is no greater joy than to hear our kids are connecting with God and learning how to commune with Him.” — Pastor Dean
(attended with his family and church)

Deep Camp: An unforgettable week in the mountains with your friends or family

For Families, Church Groups, Adults & Youth

June 23—28, 2019

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