Ming Zhou – Forge Firebrand 

Dear Friends,

God hears and answers desperate prayers. How do I know? God answered the passionate pleas of 23-year old, faith-searching young man from Hong Kong. He was stranded in his car for two days on a snow-drifted mountainside near Tacoma, Washington—far from his birthplace, distant from God. In desperation, he called out to God, “If You exist, forgive my sins, make me whole, and I will train young men to know and follow You!” God heard the young man’s prayer, restored his life, and started him down a new path of Kingdom service. I know this story well. Why? It’s my own…

My commitment to God that day didn’t get left on the mountain. God’s answered prayer was as much a part of my Kingdom calling as it was His merciful rescue. God’s plan and purpose for me remain focused and clear: share the gospel to spiritually lost people and multiply disciples all around the world.

As God always does, He equips and provides for those He calls. Presently, I’m beginning a 3-year itinerant preaching equipping program with Forge in Denver, Colorado. The program, Forge Firebrands (ForgeForward.com/Firebrand) is an apprenticeship training for those called to be itinerant evangelists. The Forge Firebrand program, through sound teaching and hands-on experience, will help sharpen my ability to share the gospel and multiply Kingdom Laborers for decades to come.

I would like to invite you to consider advancing God’s Kingdom through my life and calling: First, by committing to pray for me over these next two years as I learn, grow, and serve. And second, by investing in God’s Kingdom through financially partnering with me so I can be fully equipped to see more lives set on fire for Christ. I am seeking to raise $20,000 total to cover program costs and travel. Recurring and one-time gifts are easy to contribute at ForgeForward.org/Ming or ForgeGive.org (select Zhou, Ming in the menu).

Thank you in advance for your prayers and prayerful consideration in investing in God’s Kingdom and my calling!

For the King and His Kingdom,

Ming Zhou