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“Ideas to enhance your Love on Purpose experience and engage your entire family”

Activities and Ideas for Everyone

The ideas and activities below are intended to provide meaningful opportunities for you, your family, your friends and your church community to make God the focus of your love and attention over the next five weeks. If you have children, make sure to explore the “For Kids!” section for activities that will fit and engage your young ones in loving God on purpose.

Love is a Verb

Real love comes in the form of action. Here are some ideas to intentionally express your love for God in active ways. Some ideas will resonate with you, others will not. These are not lists to be checked off but simply ideas to be explored. Perhaps these suggestions will germinate some other creative ideas of your own.

We Love What We Value

We love what we value. And what we value is often what we spend our time, thought, energy, and resources on. Explore the following categories and allow God to lead you in expressing your values in the form of a deeper and more devoted love for Him.

  1. Set aside a sacrificial amount of time with God each day over the next five weeks to simply listen. Commit to do whatever God says.
  2. Offer a sacrificial gift of your time. Cross something off your calendar and replace it with a loving act that you said you would do when you “got around to it.”
  3. Commit a set amount of time to read God’s Word (His love letter to you). Ask God to help you go beyond just knowing information to actually knowing Him.
  4. Make a list of the ways you can re-prioritize your time (moving some things, getting rid of less important things) to give more quality time to your relationship with God.
  5. Set the alarm on your phone or watch to pause 1-2 minutes each hour to praise and adore the God who is with you.
  1. “How do I love Thee? Let me count the ways.” Make a list of the many things you adore about God. When your list is finished, share your list with God in a personal way.
  2. Fill your calendar or phone with monthly Dates Alone with God (DAWG) for 2016. Commit to keeping your dates by marking them “high priority.”
  3. Come up with some “over the top” ways to express your love to God. Get as creative as you know how in saying, “God, I love you more than anything or anyone.”
  4. Make God a Valentine’s Day card. Express your love for Him with color, words, and creativity.
  5. Write God a love letter. Express to Him your deepest thoughts, desires, hopes, and dreams. Let Him know how grateful you are to be included in His much larger story of love for this world.
  1. Give God a financial gift that matches whatever money you spend on Valentine’s Day.
  2. As a Valentine’s gift, donate to God’s Kingdom work. Let your loved one know with a card, note, or letter that you loved God and others in their honor.
  3. Create a loose change jar and donate what you collect to a ministry devoted to “changing” lives. Children can decorate the jar and donate their loose change too.
  4. Love God into the future by donating a car, boat, or other depreciable asset to a church, ministry, non-profit or individual in need. You can also add a ministry to your will or planned giving as an act of love for God and His Kingdom.
  5. Put some cash in your pocket, and ask God to lead you to the right person or opportunity to express His love in tangible ways.
  1. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway or walk (or some other act of love) simply as an expression of love to God.
  2. Fast and pray. Sacrifice a weekly mealtime for a time of “hungering and thirsting” after God in prayer.
  3. Simplify your life so that you are free to go and do whatever God wants or needs. Ask God what things and activities in your life are worth holding on to and which ones need to go.
  4. Go without so that others may go with God. Forego a pizza, a dining experience, a round of golf, a girls’ night out, an ice cream run, etc., and donate that money to people going to love and serve God in Kingdom places.
  5. Like Abraham with Isaac, lay the most important things in your life before God (a relationship, a job/career, a material possession, a status/position, etc.) and answer the question Jesus asked of Peter, “Do you love me more than these?” Confess if needed, and commit to God that He is your first love.
  1. Spread the word with friends and neighbors about the “Love on Purpose” challenge and encourage them to engage in it.
  2. Collect a “love offering” among your small group, Sunday school class, home church group, etc.
  3. Use social media to spread the word about Love on Purpose and post how God is challenging and growing you through it.
  4. Ask God to give you eyes to see someone who needs “Love on Purpose” and ask God for the courage and resources needed to follow through in loving them as He leads.
  5. Offer to share at church your plan to “Love on Purpose” and challenge others in your church to do the same.
  1. Make a valentine for God with your parents. Show God with words and pictures how much you love Him.
  2. Ask your Dad or Mom to tell you about how they know and love Jesus.
  3. Make sweets with your parents. Sell them (church, school, neighbors, sports teams) and give God a love offering with whatever money you make.
  4. Ask God to help you see a way to serve someone else that has a need (shovel neighbors walk, help carry groceries in, take trash cans to the curb, pick up trash in their yard) … give a “love on purpose” gift of serving them, not for money, but for love. Let them know you are showing God how much you love Him by loving them.
  5. Hand out Valentine’s hearts that remind people in your family, neighborhood, school, or church that God loves them and that they were created to love God on purpose.

For Parents and Families

Love On Purpose is designed to incorporate your whole family!  Here are two ideas to get you started:

  1. Have a family “Date with God”

Read 1 John 4:7-21 together and allow time for you and your kids to listen to God. Share together about what “real love” looks like towards God and towards each other. Come up with one way each that you can “love on purpose” over the coming week. Take time to express your love for God and ask Him for strength and courage in loving Him and others on purpose. 

  1. Create a Valentine Card for God

Like a parent who treasures their child’s homemade artwork, we believe God treasures our creative expressions of love to Him.  

Gather supplies and express your love to God through a Valentine’s card, letter, picture, drawing, painting, sculpture, song, or whatever way you’d like to show God how much He means to you.

After creating your valentine for God, gather together as a family to share your special creations. End your time by expressing your love for God through praying together and singing (or listening to) a favorite worship song.

We’d love to know YOUR ideas, and how you decide to "Love on Purpose". Let us know at!