Loren & Cheryl Hayes

Hayes Happenings

Another powerful summer here at Forge!  We walked along-side 17 high school and 17 young adult students over the last two months.  It was a new challenge for me as I was overseeing all the logistics for each day of these programs.  Here are some of my takeaways:

God is at work, even if it’s not apparent.  Don’t ever discount the deeper work of the Holy Spirit, He IS working.  Never underestimate the impact of your faithfulness and obedience, even if the tasks or work seem minimal or unimportant.  Sometimes obedience doesn’t even look or feel like obedience.  God IS Faithful!  Faith walking means that God is in control, not me.  Cheryl and Jonah are awesome in so many ways!  I work with amazing people.  If you’ve never been to Deep Camp, you need to make it a priority next year to come; the whole family will thank you.  I’m ready for some time off.

With that, I am taking a couple of weeks away from work to reconnect with the Lord and rest my soul.  I would appreciate your prayers for that time.  Also, thank you again for your faithful prayers and support.  Please know that your work on our behalf is having Kingdom impact farther and wider than you probably know.


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