Live From Forge

2017 Graduation Live Streams can be found on our Facebook page!  Tune in at

  • Surge Graduation: Friday, July 7th, 6:00–7:30pm (MST)

  • The Experience Graduation: Saturday, July 15th, 1:30–3:00pm (MST)

Past Recordings

2016 Experience Graduation Celebration

2016 Experience President’s Reception

2016 16 Days Graduation Celebration 

Celebrate God’s transforming work in students’ lives and hear firsthand stories of what God is up to in His Kingdom. Thank you for joining us! You may view the recording of our live stream below.


Spirit-Directed Living & Laboring with Dwight Robertson, “How do I follow God’s Voice?”

President and Founder of Forge will share live from The Experience classroom.
Thank you for joining us! You may view the recording of our live stream below.

To download the “Spirit-Directed Living & Laboring” notes, click the download button below!

Download Here


The Experience Overview with Rob Cupp, “What Defines a Kingdom Laborer?”

Join the classroom and hear from Rob Cupp, Chief Content Officer, as he shares with the Experience Team.

Download the notes for this class here: ROB_CUPP_THE_EXPERIENCE_OVERVIEW and follow along with The Experience students!


2015 Experience Graduation



View Recording: Efrem Smith, “The Kingdom of God” on our Blog

Efrem Smith shares a powerful message about the King and Kingdom we serve.


Watch “Main Thing” by Dwight Robertson on our Blog

Dwight Robertson, President and Founder of Forge, shares a powerful reminder that your intimacy with God is the greatest gift you will give this world.  No matter how young or seasoned your relationship with God is, the wonder of walking in friendship with our Creator is that there’s always a new depth to experience in intimacy with Him.