Lisa & Josh Zimmerman

Light from the Darkness, Our Time in Jordan

Along with our friend Daniel, Josh and I traveled to Israel and Jordan during the months of February and March. A highlight was spending time with an Iraqi man and his precious daughter, Yousif and Angelina, in Jordan. They arrived in Amman 8 years ago after fleeing Iraq and have been helping other refugee families ever since. Because of Yousif, we were able to spend the week loving on Christian Iraqi families who had fled Iraq due to ISIS. With bags of groceries in hand, we shared time listening to the hardships they’ve faced, and would often read Scripture and pray together. Jesus reminded me of the utmost privilege it is to share in the sufferings of our brothers and sisters, and that shared tears are a precious gift. “You may have heard there are people around the world praying and weeping for you,” we’d say, “but we came so that you could know it’s true.”

One thing I couldn’t wait to tell you is that despite the tragedies we read about in the news, the Church is doing an incredible job in Israel and Jordan and needs our prayers!

As we approach the summer, Josh and I will be working closely with The Experience team, and leading a group to Mexico again. We are so grateful for you continued prayers and support.

With faith-filled prayers believing more light will surely break through the darkness,
Josh and Lisa Zimmerman



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