Laura Bulgrien

We recently wrapped up another season of summer training at Forge, and I was left in awe of God’s faithfulness, and the work He did in these students’ lives.

This summer was more challenging for me in some ways – as I stepped into my new role as the Experience program director, I was stretched in new ways, called upon to grow in capacity, confidence, and boldness.  At the same time, this team held some strong personalities, and as we celebrated their graduation at the end of the Experience, some of the students recognized the ways they had waited until the final week to really allow their hearts to be broken and surrendered to God.  Because of these things, I moved through the summer with varying levels of hope and sadness, confidence and questions – working so hard to be faithful, but wondering what God was doing in the midst of it all.

During our final weekend together, I heard students share about the ways they were believing truth for the first time, the ways they had experienced healing, the ways they were returning home with a new concept of God and a new belief in His love – and over and over, my heart was repeating:  It did matter.  It did matter.

THANK YOU for your investment in me, and in the lives of the students that we get to train and equip year after year.  Surely it is God alone who moves and transforms and heals hearts – what a joy to be a part of the work with Him!

I praise God for you.


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