Get Involved in God’s Story

Tools, encouragement and motivation to live life on purpose

God’s Laborers: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Calling

A laborer is a disciple in action, one who not only learns from Jesus, but who enters God’s story and lives out what He teaches. God’s looking for more people to join in … are you ready? Below are videos and articles to help you learn more about laborership and developing the most important gift you have to offer—a life forged by intimacy with God.

A Life of Impact

Sometimes it’s the real-life examples of others that spark new vision and passion for living life on purpose for the King. Let these stories open your eyes to the many possibilities of what God can do through you—for great impact is made through ordinary people who desire to connect with God's heart to reach the broken and lost around them.

Take Action to Live on Purpose

So what will it be? How will you do it? How will you uniquely put your faith into action in your family, school, workplace, community and beyond? Not sure where to start? Let God show you how, who and where. God is with you—and with Him, you can be the answer to Jesus’ prayer request for more laborers to get moving (Matthew 9:37). We would love to pray alongside you as you take action.

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