Kendall Bills

Kendall Bills – Surge

Thank you for your interest in supporting Kendall’s trip. Kendall is fully funded for Surge! If you are still interested in giving towards Kendall’s trip (airfare, trip supplies, etc…) please contact her directly at 586-747-6710. 

As all of you know, I will be graduating from High School this coming June.  Truly, what a year it has been, definitely some great challenges and also some really exciting moments as well.  The more I think about what is ahead, the more I get excited about what I believe God wants to do in my life and through my life.  I have decided that I will attending Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI and feel a great sense of God's peace about that decision.  Before I transition to college I believe that God has another exciting adventure for me 

which comes by way of a 16-Day experience out in Denver, CO.  I couldn't be more excited about what God will do in my life through this time.  

Located in Denver, CO, Surge is a physically, emotionally, and spiritually intense discipleship adventure hosted by Forge. It's filled with teaching by Forge Speakers, grueling team building, and outdoor adventures. Our destinations include both urban and rural locations where we will experience a variety of ministry opportunities and then wraps up with an intensive life-planning process that will help reveal how God has uniquely designed me to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

This is an amazing opportunity filled with inspiring ministry and intensive training! I am not sure exactly what to expect, but I'm excited to join God's plan for me this summer. Whatever it is, I will only be able to experience it with the help of others. My first request is that you pray for me (June 21-July 10) as I take part in this summer discipleship training mission. If you would like to be on my email update prayer list please email me your address and I will keep you updated on my journey.

1) Pray that the Lord will prepare me spiritually and physically.
2) Pray for the Lord's will to be done in my heart and through me in the lives of the people I connect with.
3) Pray that the Lord will provide for every need that arises as I step out in believing obedience to His plan.

Secondly, I would ask that you consider partnering with me financially in this adventure. The total cost for this program is $2,000 + Airfare Expenses. I made the decision to attend this experience instead of having a Graduation Party.  I am confident that God has much to teach me this summer in and through my training at Surge, and I would ask you to prayerfully consider investing in my life. My fundraising deadline is June 10. If you would like to know more about Forge please check out their online Annual Guide at

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 586-747-6710 or email me at  Please feel free to send any donations to me at: Kendall Bills 57200 Jewell Rd. Washington, MI 48094 or if it would be easier you can also VENMO me @kendall-bills. Donations can also be made on my behalf through Forge. To do this you can click the “Donate Now" button (contributions through Forge will be tax deductible).

Thank you so much!