Justin Davis

If a picture paints a thousand words, then Justin’s right arm tells a book full of stories. From the phrase Ama La Vida (“love life”), to the thought-provoking word Story ; to the film strip encircling his forearm, Justin’s story is as colorful and nuanced as his tattoos. Justin isn’t just a curator of body art, he’s also a videographer, photographer, avid traveler, and storyteller. Most of all, Justin is a disciple of Jesus who is passionate about sharing God’s goodness through stories. He believes every photo he captures and each video he creates points to God and carries a lasting, life-impacting experience.

In 2016, Justin participated in Forge’s summer equipping program, The Experience . God’s impact on Justin was immense, so he returned the following summer to serve as an intern—yes, to use his camera skills—but more profoundly, to help participants experience God in tangible and loving ways. In 2019, Justin backpacked through Europe, exploring God’s creation and further appreciating the vastness of God and others. His experience broadened his worldview as he volunteered his skills and shared Kingdom life with many along the way.

When Justin returned to the States, he began asking, “Lord, what do you expect of me?” God’s answer has become Justin’s commission: “Go and make disciples of all nations…” which has led him to serve as the Creative and Communications Coordinator at Forge.

Justin lives in Denver, is a graduate of the Colorado Film School with a degree in Writing and Directing for Film, and serves within his local church.

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