Julia Michael

Another summer of Forge Equipping draws to end, and I’m continually left in awe of what God does in such a short period of time. We have high school students, on fire for God, already starting their own small groups and outreach opportunities back home. We have young adults who are feeling called to go back to their schools, specific careers, and other new locations, all with the hopes of glorifying God in their everyday lives. Personally, God challenged me to lean more fully on Him this summer, especially when He had me accomplishing tasks that were completely new to me (like building the backdrop for our family camp). He continually reminds me that He is trustworthy and that He is with me.


One of many highlights this summer for me was reconnecting with friends from my 2012 Experience team, including my friend Marcia who flew all the way to Colorado from Honduras! I spent my 25th birthday being with friends old and new, feeling incredibly grateful that God has allowed me to meet such amazing people, who continue to spur me on in my faith.


Your prayers and support have been such a gift, to me, to Forge, and to each of the individual students you’ve impacted. I wish I could share each of their incredible stories, but you must know that you’ve played a part in so much restoration, forgiveness, hope and newfound purpose in each of their lives.


Thank you and love you all!


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