John & Shannon Boyd

If seven is the perfect number, then 2017 marks the most perfect year yet for the Boyd’s engaging youth and young adults through Summer Equipping at Forge. “Perfect” meaning, of course, God’s presence in all circumstances more than flawless performance or ministry without challenge. Many changed lives and equipped Kingdom Laborers have been a part of those summers. And so have you—through your prayers, presence, encouragement, and support. Thank you!


As we turn the corner toward summer #8, many family transitions turn with us. In just a few days, we’ll hitch a small U-Haul trailer to our car and follow Audrey to Nashville. She’ll be teaming forces and living space with Maggie. No country music careers, simply listening for God’s movement and responding accordingly.


Aidan begins his sophomore year in high school.  Hockey, scootering, friends, and working at Chik-fil-A fill his calendar. School will be a part of that mix soon enough, as will deciding if being the only child at home is as good as he imagined it might be. Shannon and I continue to listen for God’s instructions on what life looks like with a soon-to-be empty nest. We’re content. We’re also writing, speaking more, and learning Spanish at an increased pace. God is good, and so is life. Grace and peace to each of you!


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