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What if this is your moment to run your race, make your mark, and leave a lasting impact on the world? What if powerful baton-passing skills from experienced runners could be placed in your hands? Would you more energetically enlist and engage the race God has for you? Would you inhale God's breath, stride with single-hearted purpose, and passionately run for His pleasure? Meet twenty passionate “runners" who fervently ran “the race marked out for them" to the glory of God. They weren't the most talented, most powerful, or even the smartest. They weren't perfect. They didn't live for awards. They rarely received applause. At times, they ran wrong routes, got fatigued, and even stumbled. Their geographies, personalities, life-stations, and ages were as unique as they were. Still, they held this in common: they loved Jesus more than anything. Let the unusual adventures of these twenty world-changing laborers inspire, stretch, and challenge you! Glean practical equipping tips for your tomorrows as you embrace Jesus' urgent plea today for more difference-making Kingdom laborers in harvest fields everywhere. The world is waiting. The baton is in your hands. The hour is urgent! This is your moment. Now is the time to declare – it's my turn!