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Throughout the pages of Scripture and throughout history, God has paired people together in unique Kingdom partnership for His mission. Just like Moses could not have won the battle without those who lifted his arms (Exodus 17:12), Fire-Starters are those who are often “behind the scenes” yet boldly fuel Kingdom work, seeking to expand Jesus’ mission (Luke 8:3).

Forge needs more Fire-Starters like you to fuel and expand Kingdom opportunity, partnering with us to send out itinerants who will “light the match” and spark spiritual fires. Through your fuel and our kindling, we will see a wildfire of more Kingdom Laborers!

Forge donors partnering at less than $1 dollar a day ($25/month or more) will become Forge Fire-Starters, receiving special ongoing access to this Fire Starters-only page of free resources. This page will include resources available only to our Fire-Starters as well as special “before-anyone-else" early access to fresh Forge content, resources, and merch for free or at discounted rates! We desire to share these resources with you as a Fire-Starter, to further fuel your personal heart on fire and your everyday, life on purpose ministry.

Login regularly to discover new resources posted from time to time. Thank you so much for your partnership to see MORE KINGDOM LABORERS raised up worldwide!

Desire to further catch the vision of becoming a Fire-Starter?

We have been encouraged by and highly recommend the book, Gospel Patrons by John Rinehart.