Forged by Fire

Special Friend of Forge,

Your intimacy with God remains the greatest gift you will ever give the world… and your loved ones, fellow workers, neighbors, and even perfect strangers. We believe so much in your Kingdom assignment of loving God and people here, there, and everywhere that we wanted to invest in you with the gift of this brand-new Kingdom resource, Forged by Fire.

We put a lot of love into the pages of this book, and pray they will bless, inspire, challenge, and encourage you in what Jesus said is to be the main thing in our lives—loving God with all of our everything! This holiday season, we pray with joy in our hearts and conviction in our spirits that this special gift will be a gift that keeps on giving—as your life, set ablaze and forged by the fire of God’s love, warms and kindles God’s love in every life you get near.

You are loved!


Dwight Robertson & the entire Forge Team


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