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Plan A



YOU are the vital part of God’s Plan. God has designed your life for impacting others—just the way Jesus did—using your daily circumstances as a springboard. And if you’ve avoided getting involved in the work of God’s Kingdom because you think you don’t have anything significant to contribute, think again. Author Dwight Robertson shows how acts as simple as sharing a meal or treating people with kindness and respect are the most important Kingdom work people can do. His encouraging, inspiring stories illustrate the profound effect just one person can have on countless others. Through our homes, our vocations, and our hobbies, God’s people are spread out everywhere! So imagine what would happen if inactive Christians everywhere started reporting every day for duty! Yes, God has a plan for reaching the world. It’s really very simple. It’s you. You are God’s Plan A …and there’s no Plan B.


The Plan A Study Guide is specifically designed to bring the Kingdom laborering truths Jesus modeled in Scripture to life in your heart, your mind, and in your daily interactions with the world around you.

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About the Author

When it comes to spiritual multiplication, Dwight Robertson desires for every person to discover how God’s math begins with a factor of one: You. What matters most is your intimacy with Him and your calling to become a Kingdom laborer wherever you are.