Discover Your Motivational Gift Mix

The MGM (Motivational Gift Mix) is an assessment tool and report that helps participants understand their motivational gifts based on Romans 12 in the Bible. The assessment’s 100 questions help identify and rank all seven motivational gifts.

This video provides a helpful explanation of how the MGM could be of value to you.

Benefits for You:

  • Understanding the past, why you have acted the way you have
  • Understanding your present choices, natural state and spiritual state
  • A tool to filter life’s major decisions

Your MGM Report:

Your report will contain key attributes of your top gifts (up to 4) in an easy to read format including:

  • Concerns, Likes, Needs
  • Calling
  • Strengths w/Spiritual State
  • Weaknesses w/ Natural State
  • Scripture focus
  • Scripture Goal Statement for each gift
  • Job Recommendations
  • Education Recommendations
  • Debrief encouragement

Take Assessment

Contact us with questions by email ([email protected]) or phone (800.873.8957).

To learn more from the makers of the MGM, visit

The assessment takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and is mobile ready for smart phones and tablets.  

NOTE: The MGM assessment is supported by donations.  Consider a suggested donation of $5.00 per assessment.