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Will you rush to it or run from it? Your answer might depend on whether you’re sitting in a crowded movie theater or standing frozen-fingered and hungry near a glowing campsite. Fire seems to require a “friend or foe” screening, doesn’t it? Let’s be honest, the flames that warm can equally harm.

Maybe you have the same dilemma getting close to God, the one described in scripture as “the all-consuming fire”? Is He friend or foe? Would you run to Him or from Him? You may wonder like many, “Can I really trust God with my heart?” After all, no one wants to get burned by love.

But what if God really is trustworthy? What if, up-close to the fire of His love, He warms your heart and shapes your life for the wonder and purpose always meant for you? What if your intimacy with Him actually becomes your greatest gift to the world?

Isn’t that a Fire worth running to and a Forge worth entering? Best of all—get this: God warmly invites you, “Come!”

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About the Authors


Dwight Robertson

When it comes to spiritual multiplication, Dwight Robertson desires for every person to discover how God’s math begins with a factor of one: You. What matters most is your intimacy with Him and your calling to become a Kingdom laborer wherever you are.


John Boyd

John Boyd is a Forge writer who longs to lead those hungering and thirsting for “more” to places of greater depth and intimacy with Jesus Christ. His twenty years of pastoral ministry in local church and campus settings in Kentucky, along with various life and ministry experience now in seven states across the country, helps John connect the real God with the real hearts and needs of people.