Foster & Laura Christy

I was once again reminded why I like having my body close to the ground.  At our annual Forge summer camp, in the mountains of Colorado, the altitude (almost 10,000 ft.) wrecked me.  Nauseated and with a headache, my first day was spent in bed.  Thankfully, I was better on day two.  Our summer “Deep Camp” is always a great time.  Three hundred people gathered together for five days of fellowship, music, fun and worship.  Each member of our speaker team preached during either the morning or evening sessions.  I preached Wednesday morning on spiritual growth.  My focus in the teaching was not that we do more for God but that we allow the Holy Spirit to continually transform our hearts.  Jesus constantly focused on the inner life; the condition of the heart.  If we focus on growth we will miss Jesus.  If we focus on Jesus we are going to grow.  Jesus wants our hearts!  If he has that he has us.  It is a veritable state of surrender and obedience.  Jesus obediently adjusted to His Father’s will.  People were saved and many lives were eternally impacted.  Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support!


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