Forge News | Summer 2017

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Happy Labor-er Day from Forge!

What an amazing summer of fruitful ministry at Forge. We have so much to praise God for and celebrate as we check our rearview mirror and focus on the road ahead.

Refreshed and ready to go, our drive into Fall has the potential of becoming one of the greatest and most exciting Kingdom ministry seasons ever. Our Fall calendar is filled with Forge Speakers engaging audiences at over 30 events in 15+ states and two countries. Firebrands speaker training program is growing at ahead-of-goal speeds as we add five new Firebrands to the current team of three (giving us nearly three times the the ability to spread God’s Word and Kingdom message).

The excitement doesn’t stop there. A Firebrand Training Tour is planned in the Midwest, a Plan A Conference in Michigan, and key new Forge publications are nearing completion. My own speaking schedule exceeds anything I’ve had on the books in years, including speaking at Indiana Wesleyan University’s Summit.

On the global scene, Rob and Bridget Cupp will be speaking and equipping Kingdom Laborers in Eastern Europe. We will hold our first Plan A Conference in Viet Nam. And, a group of itinerant Kingdom Laborers from the Amazon (led by one of our alums) have sought us for an intimate prayer partnership. God has a great Fall harvest season planned ahead!

The car is packed. We’re ready to go. This Labor-er Day, will you consider helping with fuel for the journey? $50,000 will help resource Forge Speakers and Firebrands to take the gospel to people and places that otherwise might not be reached. To give, visit and select “Forge Fund” from the dropdown menu.

With hope ablaze and fresh excitement,

Dwight Robertson
Founding President & CEO


God’s Better Way

Forge isn’t big on formulas when it comes to God moving and working. God, the all-consuming fire, moves in the hearts and lives of people in ways that, above all, satisfies His plans and accomplishes His purposes. “The wind blows wherever it pleases,” the gospel-writer John tells us. “You hear its sound, but you can’t tell where it comes from or where it’s going” (John 3:8). Like blowing wind and raging fire, God moves powerfully at the impulse of His love. Our not-to-be contained nor controlled God forges paths and transforms people with precision and ease—far better than any best-intentioned prescriptions and procedures can ever muster.

That’s why Forge continues to create the “space and place” for God to work and move as He desires in the lives of Summer Equipping participants. His plans are better. This summer, God reminded many of us of that truth. He showed up in ways only He could have planned and predicted. God just does things better.

Take, for instance, the 18 high school students who participated in Surge. They jumped right in—vulnerable, unified, teachable, engaged. God seemed to move faster with this group than in past years. And the one participant some may have considered as “missing his opportunity” this summer had a life-altering encounter with Jesus on the way to get pizza after Surge graduation. Better!

At Deep Camp, fresh wind blew through the Forge Speakers as they shared with new levels of depth and vulnerability. The 325 Deep Camp participants found new life, new commitment, and new tools for loving God and others in new and fresh ways. Better!

The 17 young adults on The Experience demonstrated once again that God’s ways aren’t always our ways. In out-of-the-norm fashion, a good number of The Experience participants waited late into the summer in laying things down and picking things up with God. Still, they did! And God moved once again in powerful yet unpredictable ways. Better!

God, the all-consuming fire and ever-blowing Spirit, remains alive and at work—in Forge’s Summer Equipping and in your life too. And as we respond to His timing and movement, it’s simply… better!


“I’ve given everything over to God … it all belongs to Him now. I finally see God for who He is and accept who I truly am. I know that every single lie that has been spoken into my life has been overcome by the truth that I am loved and I am a daughter of the one true King. I feel so transformed and ready for this next chapter.”  – Elena, Connecticut


Forge Core is Coming!


Announcing the launch of a new Forge Training program: Forge Core. Over the years, we’ve witnessed tremendous fruit and global Kingdom impact from Laborers who got their start with an adult training program we once offered, called TLI (The Laborers Institute). Because of our ongoing desire to make adult training and equipping accessible around the world, we’re re-launching adult training in a fresh and exciting way through Forge Core.

Forge Core will train and equip participants for effective Kingdom Laborership in four modules that focus on core elements of Kingdom Laboring. Our ultimate goal is to make the entire training accessible via internet to people around the world who want and need Kingdom Laboring tools and training.

We have a long way to go in delivering the full training package we envision, but we’re eager to get started. That said, we’re excited to announce Forge Core—Part 1 that will kick off on October 16th at Forge Basecamp in Denver! The training will run four consecutive Monday evenings from 7:00–8:30pm and include the topics: You are God’s Plan A, The Priesthood of Believers, A Re-introduction to God, and Being Daily Directed by the Spirit.

If time and distance prevents you from attending, we certainly understand. We look forward to the day when all the content is captured and you can join us online. For now, we’d greatly appreciate your prayers and support as we re-launch a training program platform that will impact millions in the coming years.

In the Denver area and close enough to attend? We’d love for you to join us (Oct. 16, 23, 30 & Nov. 6) as we both engage Forge Core—Part 1 and begin to capture the content that will eventually make its way to people all over the world via the internet. What a great opportunity to grow alongside your friends, spouse, or your small group from church. The cost for the entire four-week training is only $29/ person. Contact Ron to register: Ron@ForgeForward org.




How Can I Join the Movement? Opportunities for you!

Deep Camp—Interested in joining us for Deep Camp 2018, June 24–29? Visit or contact us directly by phone (800.873.8957) or email ( to learn more and register.

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