Forge News | Fall 2017

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Your Giving Compounded

A general rule of investing asserts that an investment yielding a 10% annual return will double the initial investment in just seven years. The power of compounding is remarkable. Who wouldn’t want a double return on their money like that?

At Forge, we have the privilege of witnessing another, even more astounding compounding principle; that of Kingdom compounding. This ministry started in 1986 with just $5 and the conviction that God wanted to raise up Kingdom Laborers in everyday, ordinary places around the globe. And that is just what God has done. Millions have heard the gospel and made spiritual decisions through Forge Itinerant Speakers. Discipleship movements have been launched in some of the darkest and most dangerous places in the world. Even now, through the power of new technologies, we are preparing to make discipleship training available anywhere an internet connection exists.

That first $5 investment through Forge is still generating a return that will last on into eternity. God has utilized every penny given by people like you and compounded it in ways that leave us in awe of who He is and what He can do through the faithful support of His people.

As we close our 31st year of ministry, would you consider making an investment in the work God has called us to? Your financial partnership will make it possible to reach new people, in new ways, with the timeless message of hope and life through Jesus. We greatly value your gifts and seek to steward them well. Forge continues to have the highest rating possible for financial accountability from Charity Navigator.

To make a gift on line simply go to: If you have questions about giving stocks or other assets, we can assist you with that as well. Contact Ron Klopfenstein at

Thank you for your investing together with us as we help answer Jesus’ prayer in raising up more Kingdom Laborers for the harvest.


Help us celebrate Giving Tuesday this November 28! This is an opportunity to give back to organizations that are making a difference in your local communities and around the world. We hope you’ll consider supporting Forge.

Introducing Forged by Fire—a New Book by Dwight Robertson

Forged by Fire scratches the itch of anyone wondering, “What does it mean to live daily up-close to God?” Dwight engages readers through personal stories, a lifetime of experience, the collective wisdom of sage writers, and cover-to-cover Biblical teaching on the life meant for each of us: an up-close and ongoing, intimate relationship with God.

Is this book for you? Here’s one way to find out. Someone screams, “Fire!” Is your first inclination to rush to it or run from it? Your answer depends, doesn’t it, on whether you’re sitting in a crowded movie theater or standing frozen-fingered near a glowing campsite. Fire seems to require a “friend or foe” screening. Let’s be honest, the flames that warm can equally harm.

Maybe you have the same dilemma getting close to God, the one described in scripture as “the all-consuming fire”? Like many, you might wonder, “Is God friend or foe? Should I run to Him or from Him? Can I really trust Him with my heart?” The last thing you want is to get burned by love.

But what if God really is trustworthy? What if, up-close to the fire of His love, He warms your heart and shapes your life for the wonder and purpose always meant for you? What if your intimacy with Him actually becomes your greatest gift to the world? Isn’t that a Fire worth running to and a Forge worth entering? If so, this book may be for you or someone you know who simply wants more of God.

Forged by Fire will be available soon and can be pre-ordered online at the Forge Resource Store: Orders received before December 13th will be delivered in time for Christmas. What a meaningful gift or stocking stuffer in this “God with us” season.

Deep Camp 2018


A one of a kind experience 

Not sure how it is in your family, but Thanksgiving tends to be a popular time for the question, “So, what do you want for Christmas?” What is on your Christmas list? A cool new gadget or maybe some new clothes? This Christmas, why not consider a long-lasting gift that won’t end up in a drawer or garage sale: quality time with God and others.  Whether you’re a parent, son or daughter, aunt or uncle, cousin or friend, we’d love for you to consider putting Deep Camp 2018 on your family’s Christmas list.

Deep Camp (June 24–29, 2018) is a one-of-a-kind summer experience. The week offers the beauty and adventure of the Rocky Mountains; an incredible team of dynamic speakers, worship leaders and staff; and comfortable space where individuals to whole family can encounter God in developing a heart on fire, life on purpose Kingdom life.  With age-specific discipleship opportunities for toddlers to adults, everyone benefits in ways that fit their needs (we even provide childcare for infants so parents can fully engage). Year after year, we hear individuals and families tell us that Deep Camp is the highlight of their entire year. Why not plan now to make it the highlight of yours?

Call 800.873.8957 or visit for more information.  Be sure to check out the rest of Forge’s equipping opportunities at













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