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What is the Forge Fund?

If you could help bring life-giving, Kingdom-impacting change to the life of another, would you?

We created the Forge Fund as a clear and simple way to show our ministry partners exactly what their donations are fueling and to provide a single giving tank to enable Forge leadership to respond aptly to multiple ministry needs. Here are the many ways the Forge Fund fuels the advancement of our mission in building a movement of Kingdom laborers:


Students benefit from the fund through subsidizing the cost of our equipping programs, making them available to a more diverse student group. It allows scholarships for young men and women who have a demonstrated need and a strong sense of calling to participate. The fund enables us to expand our training and equipping to areas of the world where travel to the U.S. is neither affordable nor feasible.

Forge Staff

Forge Staff benefits via staff development and assistance programs. The fund allows Forge to expand staff to areas of significant need where a lack of capacity, expertise or funding exists. The fund allows Forge to provide a work environment where staff can grow personally and professionally to fully utilize their unique Kingdom gifting, and helps support a sustainable environment for long-term employment.

Forge Speakers

Forge Speakers benefit by making it possible for them to go to more places around the world, especially when hosts have limited resources. The fund allows Forge to develop additional speakers through the cutting-edge Firebrand Itinerant Training Program, an equipping program designed to develop “evangelists, prophets and apostles” in a similar manner that seminaries train “pastors and teachers” (Ephesians 4:11-13). These men and women will be the “Paul’s and Timothy’s” to the next generation of people in desperate need of the gospel.

Technology and Facility Advancement

Technology and Facility Advancement benefits in helping Forge deliver training and equipping materials, live messages, and other valuable resources to new people in fresh ways as technology advances. The fund also provides for facility improvements to enhance Forge’s ability to host and serve more people, more effectively.

The Forge Fund is to Forge what an offering is to a church. Without it, we simply cannot accomplish our mission. The fund helps fuel the fire of the bold movement in which we are engaged: challenging and equipping more hearts on fire, lives on purpose Kingdom laborers.

Through your financial contributions to Forge, you are putting God’s Kingdom first by giving into the mission and work being forged right now in the lives of laborers around the world.

We thank God for His faithful provision through friends like you who …

  • Set up regular, monthly giving, or make a one-time contribution by using the “donate now” links on this page
  • Send a check by mail to Forge: 14485 E. Evans Ave., Denver, CO 80014.

You can also invest in the lives of students in our equipping programs by donating to our Student Support Fund.

Thank You

As Kingdom laborers, we have hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to help others. We see needs around us on every street corner, in every classroom and cubicle, and even in our own homes. We have the power to impact lives at every turn.

Be encouraged that God is at work through you … one gift, one life at a time.

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14485 E. Evans Ave

Denver, CO 80014

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