Forge Equipping  Packing Information


We ask that you pack everything you will need for Forge Equipping in one bag that you can carry yourself. Please remember when you are packing that you will need extra room at the end of the program for books, resources, and any souvenirs that you may accumulate. Please bring an additional small backpack for daily use / day-trips throughout the program.


General Packing Items

·       Clothes that can be mixed and matched, and can get dirty

·       Normal clothes for the length of trip (you will have the opportunity to wash clothes)

·       Swimsuit – one piece

·       Comfortable shoes

·       Cheap shower flip flops

·       Hiking boots or shoes

·       Shoes that dry easily

·       Rain Coat and/or Jacket

·       Warm Winter coat or several layers of warm cloths such as a hoodie, a jacket and a long sleeve shirt. 

·       Warm hat/gloves

·       Outdoor pants

·       Extra pair of warm socks

·       Sweatshirt(s)

·       Bring LAYERS—we’ll be in various climates throughout Forge Equipping

·       Personal toiletries

·       Shampoo/soap/etc.

·       Extra contacts / Contact Solution

·       Etc.

·       Sunscreen

·       Insect repellant

·       Lip balm

·       Personal First-Aid kit

·       Hand Sanitizer/cleansing wipes

·       Tissues/Kleenex

·       Laundry soap (Detergent pods recommended) and coins for laundry

·       Bible and journal

·       Flashlight/headlamp

  •           Non-Smart (inexpensive) wrist watch/a way to tell time apart from your cell phone. 
  • A Small day bag/ back pack that can fit your bible, journal, and water bottle.
  • A larger back pack that can fit your sleeping bag, and extra pair of shoes and 3 sets of cloths. (does not need to be a backpacking back pack)

·       Battery-operated alarm clock

·       Reusable water bottle

·       Ear plugs

·       These items do NOT need to fit in your bag:

*       Sleeping Bag AND Sleeping Pad

*       (Travel) Pillow

*       Towel (quick drying towel, if possible)


Optional Packing Items

*       Guitar

*       Camera / Video Camera (Must be separate from your phone if you want to use it at specific times on the trip!) *Forge will be taking pictures at various points of Forge Equipping

*       Personal spending money (for souvenirs or extra snacks along the way)

*       Cell Phone (only available to use during portions of the trip)

*       Hammock