Event Planning Tips Sheet

It is our sincere prayer that Jesus sets hearts on fire and transforms lives at your event. In fact, hundreds and even thousands of our prayer workers are praying right now for you and your event! We desire to partner with you, serving your event the absolute best we can, so that God is most glorified, and lives are impacted. Many times, hindrances to this goal come through seemingly insufficient event details. The tips below are designed for your consideration as you plan various aspects of the event. If you have any questions or thoughts that these tips do not address, please feel free to contact us.


  1. It is our policy as a ministry to remain flexible to your situation and needs when it comes to housing. While a hotel room is preferred because of the private nature of this accommodation (see #2) a hotel, private residence, or camp housing facilities are all perfectly acceptable housing options. There is no expectation, however, that the speaker must stay in an expensive or exclusive hotel or other similar location.
  2. Where the speaker stays often acts as their bedroom, sanctuary, study, and prayer closet. It is their home away from home, as they are often traveling. Personal prayer time, study, and rest are major components in fueling the speaker to provide you their best ministry possible. As a result, we suggest that you provide a quiet, private place that will allow the speaker to be fully prepared for each message and relational ministry time.
  3. As a ministry, we strive to remain above reproach integrity in every situation we encounter. If the speaker is staying in a private residence of a couple or family, please consider the schedule of the family and the schedule of the speaker. At no time should the speaker be in the home alone with a member of the opposite sex, even if the children are present. Nor should the speaker be alone with a member of the opposite sex in a vehicle.
  4. As you prepare lodging, please consider: speakers sometimes have weakened immune systems because of their travel schedules, the number of different people they come in contact with, and the physically demanding nature their ministries. In the experience of Forge, some private residences can be a hindrance to the speaker’s ministry because of the ill effects of dust, family illness, pet allergies, and the like if they are not as clean.
  5. In camp or retreat settings, it is a common occurrence for attendees to stay up late and enjoy fellowship. Lack of sleep can be a hindrance to the effectiveness of the speaker. Please be considerate of this as you plan lodging assignments.


There are several ways for you to provide meals for the speaker:

  1. Camp, Retreat or School Cafeteria – All of our speakers would love to eat and fellowship with the participants of your event. If a cafeteria is an option for all meals or only one per day, please feel free to use this option.
  2. Private Home – It is also appropriate for you to arrange for the speaker to eat in the private residence in which they are staying, or in another private residence. Again, please be mindful of our above reproach policy.
  3. Reimbursed – Because of the schedule of your event, you may choose to reimburse the speaker for meals. There are two options for you. You can give the speaker money at the beginning of the event for food and ask them to return receipts before leaving, OR the speaker can pay for the meals and Forge will invoice you after the event for those expenses, once the receipts have been received by the speaker.
  4. Hotels – If the speaker is staying in a hotel, often the hotel provides a continental breakfast for their guests. This breakfast is sufficient as well.
  5. Restaurant – You may choose to have various people take the speaker to restaurants for meals. This option often allows for specific times of one-on-one ministry with individuals during your event.
  6. Combination – Again, we want you to know that all of our speakers are flexible in regard to their meals. The key is to have a plan and communicate that plan when they arrive to your event.


It is very helpful to have ROOM TEMPERATURE bottled water available for the speaker. Cold water can affect long term speaking ability.


Prayer is powerful, and God so often works as we pray! Therefore, we work hard to provide prayer covering for each event, through our network of prayer workers. In addition, we have also found that intentional prayers of event sponsors seem to impact the effectiveness of our speakers’ ministries as well as event participants’ transformation. We believe that you are already praying, and ask that you would continue to raise up others to pray for all that God wants to do! We have found it helpful for event hosts like yourself to find someone who is not heavily involved in the logistics of the event to be the “Event Prayer Leader.” If they would like help or direction in how to lead event focused prayer, please feel free to contact us.

Here are some tips for the Event Prayer Leader:

  1. Involve others – Get as many people involved as possible. Your goal is to lead others into praying for God to change lives at the ministry event. If the event will involve individuals from several geographic locations, recruit a Prayer Leader in each of the locations and give them instruction into how prayerfully invest in the event.
  2. Cast Vision – As the Prayer Leader, your job is to not only recruit others to be involved, but to give them specific opportunities to be involved. For example, create a 24-hour prayer schedule during the event and get others to commit to praying at specific times during the day. You could also recruit individuals to be in prayer during each session of the event. Creating opportunities for others to commit and be involved will ensure that willing prayer warriors know how and when to pray.
  3. Pray Regularly – It is also helpful to setup a “prayer plan” for the event. Give people opportunities to pray regularly for about four weeks before the event, during the event, and for about 1 week after. By investing over this period of time, people will experience the significant impact their prayers can have, and they will begin to pray as they are specifically led by the Holy Spirit.

Resource Table

The speaker may have resources available for sale. Please arrange for a table and if possible, a couple of mature volunteers who can assist the speaker with the set up and sales of their merchandise at this table. This is a huge blessing to the speaker.


In order to maintain the consistency, quality and integrity of speaker’s messages and presentations, Forge prohibits the unauthorized recording, reproduction, exhibition, or distribution of audio and/or video recordings without the express consent of Forge. Forge may ask for host’s assistance in making an audio or video recording of sessions for organizational purposes.

Any questions regarding audio or video recording should be directed to the itinerant coordinator at speakers@forgeforward.org or 303-745-8191.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this or any other event, please contact Forge’s Itinerant Coordinator at 303-745-8191 or Speakers@forgeforward.org