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Training ‘Special Forces’ for global missions to the dark, dangerous, and despised corners of the world.

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The special forces of missions training, Unusual Soldiers will take you to the edge of yourself. As a ministry, Unusual Soldiers is committed to taking the hope of Christ to the dark, dangerous, and despised corners of the world, and raising up more people to join in spreading the good news of the gospel no matter the cost.  Developed by Forge Speaker, Caleb Bislow, Unusual Soldiers offers two programs: Stranded (Unusual Soldier Basic Training) and Slingshot (Strategic Commissioning to a dark, dangerous or despised place).



“Basic Training” of Unusual Soldiers, this event is for those that have a passion for God, a desire to impact the world, and an adventurous spirit.  Stranded will test your endurance, character, and mental fortitude as you engage in a mock mission trip to a dangerous region full of tribesmen, wild animals, and rebels. Stranded keeps you on your toes as you live in a choose-your-own-adventure book where the script always changes and sometimes it even hurts. Therefore, if you think that you know everything that happens at Stranded because you read Caleb’s book Dangerous…then think again.


Slingshot is a training event for those who have “survived” Stranded and are ready to go to a dark, dangerous or despised territory on God’s heart.

Slingshot will help you develop a personal strategy for reaching the people God has placed on your heart where, by God’s leading, a disciple-making movement will be ignited within the area.  This conference will also provide ideas, cautions, and tips on how to do ministry in a treacherous part of our nation and world.

Slingshot takes place in the Unusual Soldiers training center but it is more than classroom training, it is a gathering of daring dreamers that are ready to go for it.  If you are a person that has self-initiative, a strong commitment to God, and an undying burden to reach the world then this is for you.
By the close of Slingshot you will have a full-blown strategy with practical next steps to begin pursuing the vision God has given you.

Dates and Location

Unusual Soldiers is headquartered in Franklin, Nebraska.

For program dates visit unusualsoldiers.com

Our Approach

Unusual Soldiers are more than Christ followers called to risky places. They are humble hearted individuals that are passionate, envisioning, and courageous. They are a rare breed of people that are ready to face insurmountable odds to see disciples made in dark, dangerous, and despised places.

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