Equipping high school students to surge forward with God and launch into a life of everyday Kingdom impact

Here is a video introduction to Surge: 


Some of the spiritually darkest places in the world are modern day high schools. What if you were equipped to boldly live out and intentionally advance the Kingdom of God in the unreached places around you? What if you discovered the answers to these questions: How do I pursue daily friendship with Jesus? How do I share the gospel with others? What is my calling?

Surge (formerly 16 Days) is a Forge Equipping Program designed to both challenge and equip high school students to a life redefined by radical and intentional devotion to Jesus. This physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging adventure with God and others is action packed, yet practical in leading students to live a hearts on fire, and lives on purpose life, through 2 Phases (Equipping beginning in Colorado & Ministry Support continuing back home).

Be ready to powerfully encounter Jesus through deeply engaging messages from Forge Speakers and Staff, outdoor rustic adventures, experiential discovery, intense team building, intercultural experiences, one-on-one coaching and more!


High School students who are graduated Freshman through graduated Seniors


2022 – Monday, June 13th, 2022 (start time: 4:45pm) – Saturday July 2nd, 2022 (end time: 4:30pm)

2023 – Monday, June 12th, 2023 (start time: 4:45pm) – Saturday, July 1st, 2023 (end time: 4:30pm)



$2,000 (Includes all program expenses—lodging, food, travel, experiences & resources—after arrival in Denver through program graduation.)

Each accepted student is encouraged to engage the support-raising process to fund tuition for this discipleship training mission. A member of the Forge Team will personally walk alongside each student providing effective tools including a funding website, support letter and creative ideas to fuel the support-raising process.

6 Surge Stages

FORGE – To move with a sudden increase of speed and power; to form by heating and hammering

Engaging teaching and guided experiences with God will introduce you to the heart of Forge and reshape your idea of ministry by revealing where it all begins – humbling yourself to live a life of intimacy with God!

DETOUR – To go along a way that is different from the planned way

Rustic outdoor experiences, intense team building, and unique messages will challenge you to live passionately for Jesus, no matter the cost!

DWELL (at DEEP CAMP) – To keep the attention directed; to remain for a time and abide

Messages from Forge Speakers, time in God’s creation, and interactions with other campers create space to focus on God and abiding in His presence during this week at Deep Camp.

DEPLOY – To organize and send out for a particular purpose; to place in battle formation

Intercultural experience, intentional prayer, and time in unique ministry locations will empower you to live a life of faith and intentional impact wherever God leads you, as you connect with God’s heart for the lost from every tribe, tongue, and nation.

DISPATCH – To send off to a destination or for a purpose

Seeking God through specific life-planning activities will help you discover your purpose and vision, which will act as your launch-pad for spiritual reproduction and Kingdom impact as you return home, being commissioned as a Kingdom Laborer.

LAUNCH – To throw something forward, to set in motion

Surge concludes at Forge headquarters in Denver, CO with a time of debriefing designed to help you carry your experiences back into real life. Your equipping continues at home, where you will be supported and encouraged by a spiritual coach who will journey alongside you in living with greater purpose, intentionality and surrender as you re-enter everyday life.