Discovering breakthroughs in each of your five life domains: Personal, Family, Vocation, Kingdom, and World.

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God’s plan is to see you experience the fullness of His Kingdom in your life and become a laborer for Him wherever you go and in whatever you do. God wants to show up in all the same places you frequent and use you to touch lives one at a time in your own unique way – just like Jesus did when He lived on earth.The Life Planning process seeks to discover your personal God-given purpose in His Kingdom by gaining perspective on your life story, assessing your gifts, talents and the way you interact with the world around you, and incorporating your passions and dreams..

The Life Plan process guides you to deeper awareness of your giftedness and your life’s purpose. At the end of two days, you will have gained greater clarity, focus, direction and hope, as well as a practical plan to realize your new vision for life as a Kingdom laborer. Your Life Plan will help you integrate and optimize your life purpose and vision into your life domains through customized, doable action plans.

If you find yourself unfulfilled and out of balance with a desire to more intentionally live in abundance, serving God with your unique talents, a Life Plan could be a good next step for you.

Life Plans are available to adults 21 years of age and older.

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Dates and Location

Forge Group Life Plan:

Dates: email [email protected] to request current information


14485 E. Evans Ave
Aurora, CO 80014

$250 per person
$425 for a married couple
Group of 5 or more people: $200 per person

* Cost does not include travel, lodging and meals

Host a Group Life Plan!

Can’t make it to Colorado?  We’d love to come to you!  Inquire for more information about hosting a Group Life Plan in your area.  Contact Forge by phone at 800-873-8957 or by filling out our online form.

Our Approach

The Life Plan experience is a two-day process led by trained facilitators. The Life Plan process will help you gain greater life perspective, discover your unique design and find purpose and direction in every area of your life. Through this, we believe you will be able to more intentionally and effectively live out the abundant life of Kingdom impact God created you to live.

A signature mark of the Life Plan process is a heavy emphasis on gaining full perspective. The first day and a half is spent reaching full perspective on where you stand today, how you got to where you are, and what God has called you to do and become (and consequently, what you shouldn’t do or become). The process moves you into further clarity and breakthroughs in each of your five life domains (Personal, Family, Vocation, Church, and Community). The last half-day is spent crafting plans for each life domain and creating an accountability and management framework to help you manage and renew your Life Plan in the future. 

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contact Forge by phone at 800-873-8957 or by filling out our online form.