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Equipping you to live as a lifelong Kingdom Laborer in your everyday places & beyond.

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The ultimate goal of Forge training is simply this: Equipping you to become a person who actively listens to and boldly follows Christ everyday for the rest of your life.

In every Forge program, your intimacy with God is the highest priority. Without it, you cannot fully become the person He created you to be. But as you cultivate a deep and abiding love for God, you will discover how it overflows in love for others and finds expression through your unique abilities and talents.

Then you can integrate classroom learning, practical skills and hands-on experiences—all of which are thoughtfully crafted into the equipping opportunities listed below.

Our hope and prayer is to see you equipped for ministry at its best—not based on title or position, but rooted in God’s amazing plan for ordinary people, including you, to serve as Kingdom laborers who reach the world with the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Equipping You: Program Methods

Following the example of Jesus with His disciples, we invest deeply in you because authentic discipleship is not about formulas or rules. It’s about relationships: loving God and loving people (Matthew 22:34-40).

Through interaction with Forge trainers and coaches, you have the opportunity to become a more devoted disciple of Jesus. And not only that, our training prepares you to invest relationally in the lives of others—so you can “go and make disciples” in your home, school, workplace, church, and community (Matthew 28:19).

We are excited to see how God shapes your life as you participate in Forge programs and experience these values for yourself:

One-on-One Coaching

Do you know how God has designed you as a unique and amazing individual? To help you discover His purpose for you, we create space in each Forge program for you to spend time one-on-one with a trained coach who supports you, prays for you, and guides you to apply what you are learning to your everyday life.

Skill Development

Do you know how to cultivate a vibrant lifestyle of following Christ and serving others? If this is your desire, then let us help you develop specific habits to make it a reality. You will gain basic and advanced skills to support a lifetime of growing intimacy with God and an intentional, effective approach to loving and reaching out to others.

Team Dynamics

Do you ever wonder why unity in the body of Christ can seem hard to achieve? Good teamwork takes practice. In Forge programs, your participation in team-building activities will challenge your spiritual growth and help you see how your attitudes and actions contribute to the unity Jesus prayed for (John 17).

Classroom Training

Are you wondering how to combine biblical wisdom with practical methods? Our speakers and trainers are not only gifted communicators, but are also deeply passionate about sharing their experiences and insight through teaching, training, and discussions in and out of the classroom.

Experiential Learning

Are you eager to see how Forge training translates to real life? Find out when we take you “on mission” to put lessons into action. Hands-on opportunities, ministry experiences, and group activities teach you to look for God’s leading as you develop confidence in Him to respond to the needs of the world around you.

All of our equipping programs are rooted in the foundational values of Forge: to love God and love people.