Dwight Robertson


When it comes to spiritual multiplication, Dwight Robertson desires for every person to discover how God’s math begins with a factor of one: You. What matters most is your intimacy with Him and your calling to become a Kingdom laborer wherever you are.


As president and founder of Forge, Dwight encourages ordinary individuals to have an extraordinary impact in the places where God has given them influence—in their families, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and churches.

Rooted in love for God and neighbor, acts as simple as sharing a meal or showing kindness are the most important Kingdom work people can do—because they get into the “mud puddles” of life’s deepest needs.

Dwight is known nationally as a gifted speaker and author who believes that every Christian is uniquely designed by God to serve others in ways that are meaningful and transformational.

He and his wife, Dawn, live in Denver and have two children.