Dwight & Dawn Robertson

At the outset of FORGE-Kingdom Building Ministries 4th Decade we’re experiencing increased awareness that God’s hour for forging MORE Kingdom Laborers in every facet and sphere of society is here! Forge’s “overdrive” ministry season has begun. During a Board-provided special headquarters staff luncheon, I viewed Forge’s basecamp team flanking both sides of the table, and reminisced over three previous ministry decades, God’s faithfulness and goodness engulfing me. I thought of YOU – how powerfully God’s used YOUR prayers, financial giving, and encouragement to launch so many new Kingdom laborers across the nation and around the globe. How Dawn and I thank God for YOU! Kingdom laborers are EVERYWHERE – and multiplying! This was Jesus passion expressed to His disciples when seeing great human needs on the face of the earth, commanding them (using aorist imperative verb-tense) to, “Do this/make this happen – PRAY to the Lord of the Harvest that He would thrust laborers into fields ripe for harvest.” Jesus diligently devoted Himself to raising up ordinary people wholeheartedly devoted to love God and others as equipped Kingdom laborers” who changed the world – even YOUR world – as eventually the “good news” of God’s love and His Son rippled through the ages and impacted you – setting your “heart on fire” and your “life on purpose”! With increased 4th decade urgency that MORE Kingdom Laborers MUST to be multiplied and mobilized (MORE than ever before!), will you earnestly give and pray as God leads you, knowing how MUCH YOU MATTER to His important cause?
~Dwight and Dawn


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