Equipping you to labor for God’s Kingdom - no matter the people, the place, or the cost

Do you believe that God wants to make an extraordinary impact through your life…right now? Apply Now!

Detour is all about…

…taking you off the beaten path, to embrace Jesus and engage his mission to reach the lost wherever you step foot. Those who sign up for Detour have the opportunity to embrace grit, endurance, and perseverance with joy declaring, “It’s hard but it’s worth it, because Jesus is worthy of it!” 

Detour is a 5-day training filled with team building, teaching, and adventure designed not only to challenge you but equip you… to engage the mission of God in your everyday life and to the ends of the earth. Detour will challenge you to follow Jesus no matter the people, the place, or the cost. You will likely find yourself outside your comfort zone, outside your norms, and simply… outside. 

While Detour is tough, it is open to anyone ready to embrace challenge. None are excluded from God’s mission to the lost, so none are excluded from Detour.


Please reach out to us to discover when Detour will occur. You can contact us here:

Dates for your group: Your group can join our June 2022 dates OR if your group has at least 5 individuals we would be happy to accommodate/discuss custom dates. 


$350.00 / person (includes everything after arrival at Forge)

What to Bring:



-Clothes and shoes for various weather conditions that you don't mind getting dirty

-Camping and survival gear


Are you ready?