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How are Forge Alumni Impacting the World Today?

The faces you see below are Alumni from Forge Equipping programs, like The Laborer’s Institute, The Experience and more, spanning our 30 years of ministry. See how donors like you helped these individuals experience God through a Forge Equipping program that trained them to live with Hearts on Fire and Lives on Purpose wherever they are. We hope you’ll celebrate God’ s work with us and help continue the legacy of raising up Laborers for a lifetime of Kingdom impact!

2011 Alumni
Chelsie Miller
(The Experience)
“During The Experience God taught me that He has created me with a specific plan and purpose, and that my talents are gifts from Him to be used for His glory. Today, I coach volleyball, using this gift as a means to share the gospel and disciple teenage girls in the Dominican Republic.”
2013 Alumni
Resident Leader at OneLife Institute in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Gavin Potter
(The Experience)
“I could write a novel about the way Forge has changed my life. I have found brothers and sisters, father figures, mentors, prayer warriors, teachers, and life long friends. After The Experience, I was thrilled that God had delivered me from addiction and gave me a passion for my campus at SWU in South Carolina. I’ve been able to speak to hundreds of people about my addiction and share God’s message of grace. God used myself and other Experience Alumni to deeply change the culture at my college. But what I take joy in is the fact that God used my summer in Colorado to show me just how deeply and securely my pure and powerful identity is rooted in Him. Today, I lead, teach, and mentor college-aged students for a gap-year program called OneLife. God has grown the vision for my campus He gave me on The Experience into a vision to change the nature of Christian higher education in America.”
2016 Alumni
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Future Student
(Forge Equipping)
When you invest in a student’s life, there’s no telling just how far God will multiply His Kingdom work.
2009 Alumni
Resident Director (Tuckey Hall) at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana
Jess Lyons
(The Experience)
“During my summer with Forge, God renewed my understanding of His grace, as well as what it means to listen to the Spirit. Today, I lead and serve a dorm of 100+ girls. I get to see everyday encounters of God's grace in their lives, and I get to be a part of pointing them to His Truth through mentoring and discipleship. It is such a privilege and joy to work with these students.”
2005 Alumni
CEO and Co-founder of a ministry called "Freedom Global"
Brad Brown
"During my time at the Laborer's Institute, God changed my life through the 'Apple of God's Eye' talk. During my time alone with God after the talk, God moved in my life showing me that I am loved and am His joy, even in the midst of my deepest brokenness. Today, God has allowed me to start a ministry in Kenya where we serve others living in extreme poverty and deep brokenness. We share the Gospel with them as we give them employment though our businesses, education through our all-girls boarding school, and Christian discipleship programs."
2014 Alumni
Assistant Director Encounter--College Ministry
Garrett Kahrs
(The Experience)
“During my summer at Forge God revealed his heart for my life to be a shepherd who passionately shares vision, equips others, and intentionally builds disciples. I am now doing this through a college ministry that shares the love of Christ on a secular college campus in Hays Kansas.”
2015 Alumni
College ministry intern, substitute teacher, and student
Adaline Ostler
(The Experience)
“Forge gave me a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Experience tore down walls of fake identities, fear, and pride; and put me on a path of repentance, forgiveness, grace, and purpose. Today, wherever I walk I desire more of God and His perfect love in my life and on this earth.”
2015 Alumni
Student-Athlete at Fort Hays State University, Ordained Reverend
Damion Cooper
(The Experience)
“During my summer at Forge, God shaped my heart, my mind and my identity, into the Kingdom Laborer he destined for me. Now as a minister, student, and athlete, I am able to be live out the purpose of a "Courageous Light" for his Kingdom.”
2012 Alumni
Pediatric Home Health Registered Nurse for Medically Fragile Children
Mackenzie Garland
(The Experience)
“My summer on the Experience helped me to learn more about following God's leading in my life and pressing into the places where His peace reigned in my life. Following God's peace led me to move my life from South Carolina to Colorado and pursue my dream job of being a nurse for medically fragile kids. Every day, I continue to learn more about the sacrificial love of Christ and what it looks like to offer that to others and to serve and give all of myself to the important lives of others.”
2013 Alumni
Student (Columbia International University)
Sara Casas
(16 Days)
“During the 16 days I spent at Forge in 2013, God revealed the power of living in obedience, humbled me to realize that it is not about me, and removed the weights of perfection and expectation. Today, I am on mission at a Christian campus to speak unpopular truth to a closed, asleep, and comfortable people.”
2013 Alumni
Parents of 2013 Experience Alumni
Bruce and Cathy Weatherspoon
(The Experience)
“Forge has impacted and changed our family.”
2004 Alumni
Marketing Director at Trinity Communications
Kara Hull
"The Laborers Institute was a powerful summer spent learning to build community, grow in the Word and love the people that the Lord has placed in my path. That summer helped to ignite my passion for people and truly love them through Christ’s lens. I’m able to use this passion and grace in my workplace, as we travel around the country promoting Christian concerts."
1999 Alumni
Professional Photographer, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach
Melissa Jill Hester
“During The Laborer’s Institute, God showed me that he wants everyday ordinary laborers who are pointing to Jesus in every industry. Today, I see the influence and platform he has given me in the wedding photography industry as my unique calling.”
2010 Alumni
Project Manager of OM EAST's Literature and Media Department (missionary)
Barbara Brutt
(The Experience)
“My time with Kingdom Building Ministries opened my eyes to the kingdom impact that a person can have just pouring into one life. Up until I arrived at The Experience, programs had always been about big numbers so this was a shocking realization. Today I aim to live missionally, reflecting Jesus Christ in every area of my life.”
1993 Alumni
Lead Pastor of “The River” Church
Jeff Baxter
"The lasting impact of Forge: Kingdom Building Ministries on my life continues today. While I participated in their summer 3 month training program in 1993, I learned life lessons like the importance of 'intimacy with God', keeping the 'main thing the main thing', personal prayer times, dreaming about future impact with a life planning arrow, and countless Itinerant Speakers and mentors from this ministry continue to influence my ministry as a Lead Pastor today. I am forever grateful for the personal life investment of this ministry. The fruit continues."
2015 Alumni
Music Pastor and Missionary, Haiti and Dominican Republic
David Louis
(The Experience)
"During my summer at Forge, God touched my heart and opened my eyes to see my work place as a harvest field. I started to impact the students in a new way of teaching with devotions and worship. Today, I am able to dedicate more time to do mission trips, tell people about the Word of God, and spend more time alone with God."
2011 Alumni
Kindergarten Teacher
Cassie Eberly
(The Experience)
"During my summer on the Experience, I took part in a community that was authentic and true. To this day, I am impacted by the selfless love and service of the staff and teammates I did life alongside for those months. Everyday I love more freely and fiercely because of the freedom I experienced through this community, and as a result I am more fully who I was created to be."
2012 Alumni
Last year of Med School; Attending physician at local hospital; English teacher
Isaac Escobedo
(The Experience)
"During The Experience, God completely changed my paradigms about what it means to be a laborer. He redeemed me, gave me a heart for His Kingdom, and equipped me to be part of his “Plan A” for this world. Today I use what He gave me to help people heal not only their bodies, but their hearts and minds so they can also join the mission."
2013 Alumni
Youth Pastor
Taylor Toothman
(The Experience)
"God used the Experience to wake me up to how broken I am and how big, loving, and faithful He is. Today I get to do life alongside students and families who need that same perspective. Those two months prepared me for my work in ministry in ways I never could have anticipated."
2012 Alumni
Hospitality at Lost Valley Ranch
Hannah Reed
(16 Days)
“My very first day at Forge I was asked, ‘Why are you here for 16 Days, what are you wanting to get out of it?’ And my response was, ‘I don't like people, and I hate being uncomfortable.’ During my summers with Forge I was forced to take leaps of faith that made me uncomfortable and I was set in a community of amazing people. I learned how to accept God's love and then in return, genuinely love people. I now know that God doesn't promise us comfort but He promises us that He'll always be with us. Today, I get the chance to work in hospitality and serve and love guests in a way that is only possible through the love and power of Jesus Christ. And I get to walk freely, knowing that I am not in control, and that when God calls me to something He will give me everything I need to do His work.”
2015 Alumni
US Program Officer at "The Women's Bakery"
Heather Newell
(The Experience)
“Most profoundly, my time with Forge during the summer of 2015 created space to know the depth of what it really means to love God and what it means to love others—radically. God freed me from self-imposed "boxes" and "labels" and instead infused my life with a freedom to be myself. Seeking God's Kingdom in my life has created a lens that allows me to see the value in each person, in each human.”

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