Charlie & Dara Marquis

God has used your prayer and support in powerful ways in this ministry season!

Surge High School Discipleship Training (, June 20-July 7:

17 students were commissioned and sent as God’s Kingdom Laborers and are already impacting their families and communities for Jesus back home! Based on what God did, I think some will emerge into unique callings ahead…

BIC Youth Camp Preaching, July 16-21:

Here’s a glimpse of what Jesus did this week… About 26 were saved, numerous surrendered their whole lives to Christ, many publicly confessed sins and found freedom, one student struggled with extreme negative thoughts due to spiritual warfare so we shared about Jesus’ power as King and prayed in Jesus’ name and with tears streaming she said “WOW! Thank you, Jesus is such a good King!” Another shared “I feel that this week God has called me to go into missions work” and others even shared specific countries they felt God burden them for! Many had new significant moments with God as they learned how to spend time with Him! A youth leader said “God wrecked me in one message- my comfort is my home and family, and Jesus brought to my mind ‘international’ and then the idea of ‘adoption.’ At first I said ‘no way.’ But as I told Jesus ‘yes I’m willing,’ I was flooded with peace. I’m excited to go share with my wife.”


Missions ahead: ASIA, October and November—Various disciple-making conferences and vision to go to some new unreached areas.


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