A Freed Agent – Britton Bishop’s Story

Britton Bishop grew up in the football-rich state of Oklahoma. His physical frame and mental toughness made him a ripe candidate to be swooned, swayed, and fought over by head coaches wonder-lusting after state championships.

Britton relished the attention and welcomed the challenge. His giant stature was matched only by the colossal hole left unfulfilled in his heart. With no knowledge of Jesus and the life and purpose only Jesus can provide, Britton looked to football as his ticket to a happy, meaningful, and successful future.

To Britton’s credit, his hard work and dogged determination paid off. College scouts and next-level suitors came calling. Ticket punched and dreams secured, Britton received a Division-1 football scholarship. Jackpot!

Britton’s life seemed to be clicking along like a precisely tuned 2-minute offense. That is, until… until a shoulder injury, a tough rehab, and multiple setbacks crippled his well-made and hard-worked plans.

From major football scholarship to major life disappointment, Britton spent the next few years lamenting unobtained dreams and chasing fresh solutions to a very old problem: how to satisfy, substitute, or solve the God-shaped hole in his heart.

Enter God and Forge Speaker, Adrian Despres. Make no mistake, it was God that had been at work in Britton’s heart all along. In fact, it wasn’t until the day after Adrian spoke and with another Kingdom-laboring servant that Britton prayed and surrendered his life to Jesus. God simply used Adrian on a college campus at a Forge speaking event to encounter Britton in an unmistakably, powerful way.

Solution discovered and invitation offered, Britton found the heart-piece he needed and secretly longed for—an up-close and life-abiding relationship with Jesus.

A few months later, Britton said yes to a Forge invitation to participate in The Experience. Again, God worked in deep and transformative ways—equipping Britton with a passion for Scripture, a heart for young people, and a humble heart to serve God boldly.

Britton learned quickly that knowing Jesus intimately was the path to Kingdom fruitfulness. When He read, “I no longer live but Christ, but Christ lives in me” (Galatians 2:20), Britton took Jesus at His Word and began listening to and doing whatever God asked—not based on His know-how, strength, or ability; rather, trusting the power of Jesus living within him.

Britton continues to trust and respond to Jesus. He’s currently a Forge Firebrand and serving in student ministry as he continues answering God’s call to itinerant preaching and reaching unreached people groups.

It’s been a good number of years since Britton hobbled off the gridiron in Oklahoma. Some might think his dreams were dashed there. Not so. Britton would claim it was a place and time where his life was just getting started.

Britton is a part of another team now. He’s continues to look for what God is doing in others the way some on the Forge team were watching and listening to God in the same manner for him.

Britton is a great Kingdom co-laborer and teammate. And, though a fairly new follower of Jesus, Britton continues to make significant Kingdom contributions. How? “I’m learning to quit trying to be a person who does great things for God,” Britton said, “and just trying to be a person who does things for a great God.”

Britton Bishop

Forge Firebrand & Staff