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Episode 134: Live Stories from Forge Equipping – Part 2

Stories of exciting transformation…

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Episode 133: Live Stories from Forge Equipping – Part 1

Participants in Forge Equipping, an intensive discipleship training for everyday followers of Jesus, share stories of radical life-change and impossible…

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Episode 132: Mission Trip Mentality

What is the Mission Trip Mentality? Why does it happen? Can we fix it? Nathan and Charlie discuss this mindset and how it impacts Kingdom…

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Episode 131: Feeling Weary? Too Much to Do?… How Should We Invest Time?

When it comes to life in general, participating in the local church or even in wider Christianity, it seems there is always something to do, and something always tugging us…

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Episode 130: Modern Discipleship vs. Biblical Disciple-Making

How has church culture taught us “discipleship” and does it actually match biblical disciple-making? In this episode, Nathan and Charlie discuss the ins and outs of disciple-making. They ask the…

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