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Episode 104: Red Flags 🚩 2 – Lies Packaged With Truth in Music

Charlie and Nathan take aim at another red flag: bizarre theology in Christian Music.…

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Episode 103: Missions, Dating, and Calling w/ Prof Bosworth

Professor David Bosworth joins Nathan and Charlie this week to discuss a common question many young people face when making the decision to jump into missions: how does a calling…

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Episode 102: Red Flags 🚩 1 – Failing to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

In this first episode of a new series on “Red Flags” of Christianity, Charlie and Nathan discuss generosity and share new startling stats. Have we missed the…

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Episode 101: Are Christians Truly Still Sinners?

What is the Christian’s relationship with sin? How should we view sin in light of grace? How should we view sin in light of scriptures on holiness? Listen in as…

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Episode 100: The Making of a Martyr (Special 100th Episode!)

We have reached episode 100! In recognition of the milestone, this episode is dedicated to all who daily suffer for the name of Jesus and for those who have paid…

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