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Episode 25: Is God Bringing COVID to Good? Testimonies From Around the Globe.

This episode is NOT about COVID as much as recent stories from the field that have shocked us! Exciting ministry updates that will change eternity are being reported…

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Episode 24: Worldviews #2 – Effectively Evaluating Worldviews & Why Christianity?

In this episode, we continue the worldviews series by sharing our format for evaluating the validity of various worldviews, while diving deeper into the Christian Worldview, evaluating whether or not…

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Episode 23: Worldviews #1 – Discovering Core Beliefs & What Do Christians Believe?

Worldviews are how any given group of people view the world around them. In this series we will be discussing and evaluating the beliefs of the world’s major religions at…

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Episode 22: Interview With A Missionary to Mormons

David Gaskins is a Missionary to a group of people who call themselves “Christians.” A strange phrase, but a true one. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…

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Episode 21: Ways You Can Engage Your Neighbor From Start to Finish

We have all heard, “You need to preach the gospel” and we even believe that we need to. But we often get stuck at “now what?” In this episode, we…

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