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Episode 87: PART 2 What Keeps Us Form Answering God’s Call? w/ Dwight Robertson

Dwight Robertson continues the conversation on barriers to answering God’s…

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Episode 85: Wild Journey From the Fringe to the Church w/ Marquies Whisenton

Marquies Whisenton shares about growing up around gang-bangers and being draw to that lifestyle until Jesus did the…

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Episode 84: Fresh God-Stories From the Field!

“I prayed to Allah five times per day for 16 years and he never answered my prayer, but you know what happened when I prayed to Jesus once?!”… Jesus’ kingdom…

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Episode 83: Coming to Christ in a Pandemic w/ Vince Gibbons

Vince Gibbons, a college student, hit the end of his rope during the pandemic. But it was really only the…

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