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Episode 111: Red Flags 🚩 9 – “Lack of Excellence”

Why is it a stereotype that Christian media, products, and even work ethic often seem to lack excellence?…

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Episode 110: Red Flags 🚩 8 – “Over-Complicating the Gospel”

What do spiritual maturity, satanic attack against the Church, Christianese, and sharing the gospel all have in common? This week Charlie and Nathan discuss the over-complication of Christianity and how…

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Episode 109: Red Flags 🚩 7 – “Church Hopping & Shopping”

When it comes to consumerism, humans are experts. How has this consumer mentality affected the local church? Is it healthy? Is it helpful? Or does it really just hurt God’s…

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Episode 108: Red Flags 🚩 6 – “Missing God’s Heartbeat”

What does God’s heart beat for? What is he most passionate about? And are we most passionate about what he is most passionate about? Too often we have missed…

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Episode 107: Red Flags 🚩 5 – “The ..… is the Hope of the World”

It has often been said, “The Local Church is the Hope of the world.” But is that true? Or have we confused who that title –“Hope of the World”– really…

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