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Episode 97: The Biblical Jesus among other Jesus-es

There are billions of people on planet earth today who say they believe in Jesus, but is the Jesus they believe in the TRUE Jesus –the Jesus of the Bible?…

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Episode 96: Scouting an Unreached People Group

In this special live episode, Charlie and Nathan scout an unreached people group in the Middle East with no known believers. Join the journey as they share some of the…

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Episode 95: House Church Revival in Poland W/ Tymoteusz PART 2

This week Tymoteusz (Tim) re-joins the podcast to share the epic conclusion of his story about the house church movement in…

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Episode 94: House Church Revival in Poland W/ Tymoteusz

This week Tymoteusz (Tim) joins the podcast to share about the house church movement in Poland that is bringing about a powerful…

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Episode 93: Redefining “Missionary” W/ Bethany from BTJ

This week Bethany from Back To Jerusalem joins the podcast to discuss how we define two of the most important words in Christianity: missionary and believer…and you might be surprised…

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