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Episode 79: Discovering God-Sized Vision

What vision are you living for? Charlie and Nathan examine the importance of a God-given vision and life’s dangers without one, and give a few pointers on discerning God’s vision…

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Episode 78: The Gates of Hell

Episode 78: The Gates of Hell Where will your feet take you? For most of us it’s to the comfortable and safe environments of everyday life. But, is that what…

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Episode 77: Longing for Revival w/ Adrian Despres

We are hearing this word more and more–REVIVAL. But what exactly is revival, how will we know when it’s happening, and what can we do to help bring it about?…

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Episode 76: Surviving The Aurora Theater Shooting w/ Justin Davis

Charlie and Nathan interview theater shooting survivor Justin. He shares about grappling with this horror and discovering transformation. What does it look like to face suffering and…

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Episode 75: The Roar Within w/ Brent Henderson

Join us this week as we interview Brent Henderson about his new book, “The Roar Within”. Listen in as Brent brings wisdom to the very common issue of…

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