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Episode 145: The Problem With What Christians Say

Many would agree with this simple statement: “What you say matters.”  Our words make an impact on the world around us. That means what we say, and how we say…

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Episode 144: An Open Letter to Laborers from A Local Church Pastor w/ Nicholas Hindes

If you have lead in a local church context, you know the struggle. It can be difficult meeting the needs of a congregation, especially when people approach local churches through…

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Episode 143: Movement in the the Middle East and Patterns We’ve Discovered

The Good News has been crossing borders for generations — since the very beginning pages of the book of Acts. Many people are seeking to make disciples in varying ways.…

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Episode 142: LIVE from the Middle East- Final Frontier of Missions w/ Malik

“It isn’t possible” is a common phrase we hear when it comes to taking the gospel to the unreached of the world. “It will never work” they say, but it’s…

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Episode 141: The 4 “Do’s” of Decision Making

Last week Nathan and Charlie discussed dangers in decision making. Dig in this week to discover 4 steps to making godly…

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