“… and welcoming them, He began speaking to them about the kingdom of God
and curing those who had need of healing.”
Luke 9:11

A long and successful trip. Countless miles covered with acts of serving and preaching. The mood was high, but bodies were tired. Logically, a retreat to get some well-earned rest seemed in order. Jesus´ disciples thought they were about to catch up on some sleep when a multitude showed up… again! And were told Jesus welcomed them. You can almost see the disciples rolling their eyes and thinking here we go again!

With open arms and a smile on His face, Jesus continued sharing about the Kingdom of God and curing those in need of healing. Jesus never wasted an opportunity to spend time with those looking for more. He didn’t grow weary of such people, He welcomed them.

Interruptions often open the door for God to work and move in other’s lives. An unexpected call, a random text, a child tugging on a parent’s clothing, the doorbell ringing, a look on someone’s face that says, “everything is not okay” may just be the opportunity that welcomes others into the presence and wholeness God wants to bring them.

Will you ask God to interrupt your life today?


Ask God to help you see His opportunities in your interruptions this week.

Santiago Fuentes

God never wastes time, ours or His. Santiago “Santy” Fuentes graduated with an Industrial Designer degree from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City. God knew Santy’s careful eye for the details of industry would be quite useful in connecting the details and design of God’s Word to the heart-and-life intricacies of everyday people. Santy’s genuine love for people and His fervent study of God’s Word make him an effective communicator of the gospel. His ability to clearly communicate and translate in both Spanish and English continue to provide ministry opportunities in Mexico, the United States, and many other bi-lingual settings. With a life mission “to exalt Jesus, edify His Church, and evangelize the world through preaching and teaching God’s Word,” Santy engages audiences of all ages with passion, truth, and authenticity. Santy lives in Mexico City with his wife Raquel. He’s a graduate of Seminario Bíblico Palabra de Gracia and a 1998 participant in The Laborers Institute (TLI), one of Forge’s former equipping programs. Santy loves the NFL in general and the Dallas Cowboys specifically. Most of all, He deeply loves Jesus Christ—and His life, marriage, and ministry reflect it. Travels from: Mexico  

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