Undercover Pastor

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”
Matthew 9:37


Nannette is one of the best undercover pastors I’ve ever known. She’s not a pastor in the typical sense, however, though she does have a congregation. She prays with people often, but rarely on Sundays. She’s a great communicator, but you won’t find her on a stage. She’s an incredible listener and gentle like a shepherd, but no one considers her the “counseling pastor” on staff.

Nannette cuts and styles hair for a living in a place off State Route 18 in a town most people have never heard of… and, Nannette has one of the most impactful ministries I’ve ever seen as she loves God and others in a faithful, up-close way in her ordinary, everyday workspace.

When Jesus said He needed more “laborers,” I’m certain Jesus had Nannette and people just like her (and just like you) in mind.



How about you? How will you be a laborer today in your ordinary places of life, work, and play?

Commit this week to keeping an eye out for ordinary moments that God can make extraordinary as you live up-close to God and love others in everyday places.



Get after it as an active Kingdom laborer through Multiplying Movements.

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Nicholas Hindes

  Are you hungry? You’re in luck, Nicholas loves to cook. Even better, he loves to come alongside others as God delights and nourishes hungry hearts and souls. Whether it’s discovering God’s great love for each of us, knowing how God…

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