Check Out These Stats

“Go make disciples of all nations…”
Matthew 28:17-20

[An adapted excerpt from Multiplying Movements by Forge]

Do you like statistics? If you care deeply about Jesus and His Kingdom, you probably won’t be overly fond of these:

  • 61% of Christians have never shared their faith. (Lifeway Research)
  • 42% of the world’s population belongs to an unreached people group (3.14 billion people, The Traveling Team Statistics)
  • 83% of the unsaved do not have access or opportunity to hear about Jesus (The Traveling Team Statistics)
  • 51% of church attendees in the U.S. were unfamiliar with the term “Great Commission”… 25% or respondents said they heard of it but did not recall its “exact meaning” (Barna Research Group). That means that at least 76% of church attendees are clueless regarding God’s burning passion for the unreached of the world!

Jesus’ final command must become our first concern!



Where are you actively carrying out the Great Commission in and through your life?

What’s one active step you can take this week in making the Great Commission a greater priority in your life?


Get after it as an active Kingdom laborer through Multiplying Movements.

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