Over-the-Top Love

“She broke the jar and poured the perfume on his head.”
Mark 14:3

Who spends a year’s hard-earned cash on a single act of deep affection? Who risks being ridiculed as “wasteful” and “impractical” for the solitary delight of another? Who chooses to believe that the “return on investment” for a one-time expression of the heart is worth the sacrifice given?

Love. Love does.

And so did the woman who anointed Jesus with oil at Simon the Leper’s house (Mark 14:1-10).

At the dinner table, she broke open an alabaster jar of exquisite perfume and lovingly poured it on Jesus’ head. Her gift was perhaps the most valuable thing she owned. In that moment, she really didn’t care. She simply wanted to express her deep love and gratitude to Jesus in the greatest way she could.

In Mark’s version of the story, he doesn’t tell us the woman’s name. Perhaps her name is Love.



What are you willing to do and sacrifice in expressing your deepest love and gratitude to Jesus?


Jesus said that the woman “did what she could” (v.8). Ask yourself, “What can I do with what I have in loving God and others this week?”


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